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Need a stock HD 800 cable
Bought these on Audiogon, selling cause they're not synergistic in my system. Asking 250.00 OBO
I bought this transport to make the best cd transfers possible to my computer. Unfortunately I discovered that AQVOX doesn't make drivers for Mac users, only PCs. It is european voltage but I'll include a LiteFuse converter at no extra cost. I honestly don't know what to price it at since they are pretty rare. Paypal included, shipping not included in price. OBO
Have a new, never fired up, pair of of CV181-Z Treasures that I can't use cause I sold the amp I was going to use them with. Price 90.00 includes paypal and shipping to the US, outside US will get quote.
Bought this fabulous cable two months ago and I need a longer length so this one's for sale. Read 6 Moons review. Sonically it is head and shoulders above anything else I have tried including the Wireworld Platinum Starlight which I owned. Please add 3% Paypal to price. I'll cover the shipping to anywhere.   Link:
Bada Purer 3.3 irated at 8/10 condition due to small scratch on front side panel, smudges on the stainless steel faceplate will come off. Comes with remote and manual The amp is carved into a solid piece of aluminum alloy. It has two modes of power operation: Mode A1 and Mode A2. In Mode A1, the Purer 3.3 has 142 watts per channel into 8 ohms, with the first 10 watts are class A. In mode A2, 142 watts into 8 ohms with the first 30 watts are class A. symmetrical circuits...
Received brand new direct from Audiophilleo last week, opened and used only a few days with my DAC which I just sold, so no longer need this unit, condition is a 9/10, less than 10 hrs of use. Picture of the box is from dirty lens, box is in pristine condition as the rest. I will pay shipping to USA, outside USA will pay 10.00 towards cost. 
I never used them with an amp. I just used them with an iPod which is single ended. I probably should have tested them every way possible. Try some ContaK (?) or some other contact cleaner and see if that takes care of the noise. If it can't be fixed I'll refund your money.   will
Balanced Toxic Cables Silver Poison cable (see pictures), and Whiplash Audio TWag adapter so that you can plug into a single ended amp. Great condition. Huge improvement in detail and staging over the stock cable, Although silver it's a great match for the 800's. The slider on the TWag adapter is a plastic sheath and not tape as it appears in the photos. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees.
FS: one John Kenny Ciuns DAC, like new condition, You will not find a better sounding DAC at this price! The wait period for a new one is two months and over $200.00 more than what I'm asking.  includes shipping within the US, but Paypal fees not included.   Link to Ciunas info:
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