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Aug 27th works for me. I may have a source, working on it.
Hi I can make the meet any weekend preferably in Denver. Problem is I won't have a source, don't want to haul my 27" iMac   Cans: Hd800 modded by Stefan Audio Art DAC: Yggy Amp: Studio 6   Other: Yellowtec PUC Lite            USB Disrupter and DaBigGenius USB cable
Selling off some hardware since going to a NAS based system, Curious Cable Regen Link (have two for sale). Price includes Paypal fee and postage to US
Uptown Regen, excellent condition, no longer need cause I went to a NAS network. shipping free, Paypal gift preferred.   Photos later today
Selling  a Recovery, still $199.00 intro price on Wyrd's website, Used for only a couple of weeks so it's like new condition, sell for 150.00 shipping included Paypal gift preferred Have gone to a NAS network so don't need.
Selling my Intona, standard, excellent condition, no marks, scratches.  Have gone to a NAS network configuration and so no longer need the Intona It worked better than my Regen, makes the background more silent.
Anyone selling one let me know.   Thanks
I ended up with two Pulse Infinitys so I'm selling one. It's in excellent condition in original box. For the money you won't find a better performing doc for this price. Paypal gift preferred or 3% fee. Shipping included in price if shipped within US.
Too many USB cables so selling my YFS. Excellent , like new condition. Paypal gift, free shipping!!
Pure II portable amp. it is tiny. Has a couple of very minor light scuffs on top of casing, at top left front corner only, otherwise looks new. Bought it from another headfier, just don't have a dap to use it so it must go. Paypal gift,  shipping free!!   Reviews   http://www.headfonia.com/vorzuge-pure-ii-single-ended-perfected/ http://thepcenthusiast.com/vorzamp-pure-ii-plus-portable-amp-review/     link to original...
New Posts  All Forums: