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Wonderful meet, had a lot of fun getting to listen to stuff I had been wanting to hear, and got to meet some really great guys.
I don't think I will have a source to bring with my dac and amp. Don't want to haul my 27" iMac. I'm looking for an alternative, don't have a laptop.
ALO Studio 6   May regret this but selling my Studio 6 to fund other projects. It is in pristine condition. For a tube amp it is dead silent. I bought it (09/25/14)  from another headfier who purchased it new, decided he couldn’t see where the knobs were postioned in the dark, so he glued small white balls into the indents for the knobs. I haven’t tried to remove them but they are shown in the pictures. No other alterations. Don't know cost on replacing the knobs. I have...
Best medium size speaker stands you can find,  Designed to support a maximum weight of 20 kg (44lbs) Maximum speaker dimensions of 390mm high x 292mm wide x 332 mm deep (15.3 inches high x 11.5 inches wide x 13 inches deep). I have original box. FYI: there's another pair on CAM located in Canada, he wants cash or wire transfer only. I'll accept Paypal and absorb the fee, shipping to US is 20.00.   Retail from Ardan is $541.33   Some...
Complete package with travel case. like new 9/10, only used them to make sure everything worked correctly, many user settings. many reviews including one by CanCan and Jude.
Bought directly from Totaldac for $434.00, 2 meter length, excellent condition. Used for 8 months.   Great reviews
 At the Denver Summer Meet this past August I was able to compare them to an "Anaxilus" modded pair running Toxic cables . The Stefan modded pair had better bass while the Anaxilus had better highs. Neither one sounded better than the other, just a matter of taste. At this price they're a steal people. These  HD800's were moddified by Stefan Audio Art and hardwired with their top of the line Endorphin cable (specs below) Rate 6/10 do to wear on hardware pieces, replaced...
Aug 27th works for me. I may have a source, working on it.
Hi I can make the meet any weekend preferably in Denver. Problem is I won't have a source, don't want to haul my 27" iMac   Cans: Hd800 modded by Stefan Audio Art DAC: Yggy Amp: Studio 6   Other: Yellowtec PUC Lite            USB Disrupter and DaBigGenius USB cable
Selling off some hardware since going to a NAS based system, Curious Cable Regen Link (have two for sale). Price includes Paypal fee and postage to US
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