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Just bought this amp from Soundapprentice. Have not even opened the box. Here's the original listing   Selling b/c I bought a Woo WA5    Prefer Paypal gift shipping free.
TakeT H2+ with H2 Transformer. Mint.  H2+ Polymer Piezo Electric Heil type driver with external super tweeter, H2 to connect to speaker outputs power amplifier.
Did not try any of the Audezes, used to have an LCD 3
Thanks for the good info!
Not sure , I'm at work and will check when I get home tonight 
Haven't upgraded yet, not sure what to upgrade to.
Selling the SU-1 which I used with the Spring dac. I don't know how I did it but it has a scratch on the top which I show in the picture, other than that it operates perfectly. Prefer Paypal gifted  shipping included.
Selling my Spring dac. It's in excellent condition. Great dac very dynamic, detailed. I feel it's a step above the Yggy which I had before the Spring. Will split Paypal fee, shipping included. Priced to sell quickly 
This is the finest solid state amp that I have had the pleasure to own. It is world class and bests the Master 9 in every area and worth the extra money in my opinion. I would compare it to the 7k Headtrip. I plan to write a mini review of the this amp because I have had some inquiries about how the HE 9 compares to the M9. Only reason I'm selling is because I'm just a tube lover by heart, just got to have those bottles that have to be replaced.    Amp is in perfect...
Great color! Great price! If I didn't already have a tube amp I'd jump for it
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