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I have (3) Furutech Flow-28's NIB. Asking 225.00 each, paid 475.00 (ea) +shipping. Will sell individual or all three for 550.00 Please allow 10.00 for shipping, I'll absorb the Paypal fee. Read the reviews, they really work.
New never taken out of bag Black Sand power cable Violet Z1MkII. One sold, have one left. Free shipping and Paypal, just have too many cables.  
This is a custom Grover Huffman ZX+ power cord, 9 feet in length with 15 amp IEC. Includes a Bybee AC Filter and Furutech FI-28 connectors  Rated 8/10. Good power cord for the money, need to thin the herd. 3% Paypal, shipping to US free. 
I have 2 Black Sand power cables, new never used, bought from Black Sand at demo price of 299.00 each plus shipping. Regular price is 399.00. Will sell both for 500.00 or 260.00 for one. Just have too many cables. Please add 7.00 Paypal fee per cable. Within US will include shipping.
I bought this amp for a second system but room came to other uses and never became a music room. rate at 7 due to a few light scratches on the top plate. Will try to show in photos when I post them. Please allow 3% Paypal fee plus shipping Many reviews online The Absolute Sound (Mar. 2011) - 2011 EDITORS' CHOICE AWARDS Audio Basic(Japan, 2011 WINTER Vol.57) AUDIO REVIEW(Italy, n.316 novemvre 2010) Stereo Sound(Japan, 2011 Winter No.177) 2010 Grand Prix (Integrated...
I'm selling my Bakoon amp which I have been using with my HD800's. It is in excellent condition, no dings or scratches. I have maybe 200 hours on it. I am the original owner and bought it thru my local dealer. It is still Srajan Ebaen's favorite amp by a slim margin over the new Studio 6, The Bakoon is a perfect match for the HD800's.
Have a pair of the One's desktop speakers, they are black and in excellent conditionexcept for a few small marks on the bottom where they were in contact with stands. Come with original boxes. Also included are the dedicated Audience stands NIB (75.00) Speakers are already boxed up so you can see pictures at any of the reviews online or at Price does not include shipping. 
Bought this pair from another member. Here is the link to the original post. Prefer these to Alpha Dogs, can't stress enough how good these sound for a closed can. just need to prioritize funds, recent hospitalization. Paypal and shipping within US included in price, international shipping may add a little to the price dependent on how much postal service charges. (many pics in original post). Price includes...
Bought these NIB (see photo), serial # 31,xxx, have about 40 hrs use, so not quite broken in. Priced to sell fast. Decided I didn't need second pair. Buyer pays Paypal, shipping free if within US.
Need a stock HD 800 cable
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