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Selling my RE-262 purchased in April 2012 from head-direct.   I'm asking for $110 shipped. Buyer pays any Paypal fees.   I wear them down so the only cable i used is that one. The only tip i used is the smaller bi-flange. All the other tips are unused (i knew immediately which tip i needed coming from the re0). I have not replaced the filter so spare filters all unused.
  This is what im wondering as well, but ill have to test it myself.  The HE-400 is said to be easier to drive compared to the other planars, so im guessing yes.  Will need to test it out when i get the HE-400 and then decide whether to get a desktop amp to satisfy the HE-400 or get a desktop amp to satisfy any headphone in case i upgrade from the HE-400.
$1000 I would get O2+ODAC and $700 headphone at the HE-500 level or its competition (find something matching your tastes). Or get many headphones with different signatures.   To get the 99% out of the M50, the $60 E11 is sufficient.   M50 with $1000 amp/dac wont make a huge difference compared to a $700 headphone.
    Suggesting options in the under $100 and under $200 categories:   If your only source is iPhone, start with a portable amp.   E11 - under $100 c421 - under $200   If you use a computer and iPhone, get an amp+dac:   E7/E07k - under $100 E17 - under $200 $200+ many options   Expensive if you want to bypass the iPhone DAC:   CLAS - $700   You need an LOD for the iPhone: L3 or L5 will connect to iPhone 4/S, you need some kind of adaptor for iPhone5.  Or wait for a LOD for...
Interesting!!  Just when i was considering Asgard vs O2, this pops into the picture.  The Magni looks pretty formidable.
Im wondering which amp is better with the HE-400 and ODAC.   I currently have the c421+ODAC and planning to purchase the HE-400.     What kind of difference will i hear with the Asgard or O2 compared to the c421?  Is there a need to upgrade it?   I cant afford what i believe would be perfect for me HE-500 + Lyr + Bitfrost.  So im trying to get close with HE-400+c421+ODAC.  I need to c421 for my iPhone+re262 so will need to keep it even if i buy the O2 or...
    If the re0 is lacking detail to your ears then i guess you can try Etymotic. The HF3 has iPhone controls. The HF5 doesn't.  Try to get them discounted to $100.
  Thanks, that helps. I don't like it when pads get sweaty/sticky.   Edit: also i noticed u have the AD700 and M50 which i have heard.  Comparing HE-400 to those what differences you hear with the O2+ODAC.
After some research I am thinking about purchasing the HE-400 but have some questions regarding the cables & pads.   1) What pads come with the HE-400? They sell Velour Pads & Leather Pads on the site. In terms of sound what are people impressions when changing to these pads compared to the original pads.  In terms of comfort, which one provides extra comfort for longer listening?  Probably comes down to personal preference but i'd like to know if people have...
    1) Not $270 better - Expensive doesn't automatically make them better.  You probably don't like the sound signature so it is best to find out what you like and research like crazy before buying if you don't have a chance to audition.   2) Using mp3s as your source - The source is very important the more detailed your headphone is.  So with bad quality source a better headphone will present the bad source very precisely, thus sounding perfectly bad.  A bad earphone...
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