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  Thanks, this is helpful, but i find this review presents the re272 as much better than the ER4, and there are quite a few people in agreement!   I prefer the re0 over the re262, so i think i prefer analytical over warm and sweet. When you mention that you "favor the sharper, clearer, more precise sound of good single driver balanced armature IEMs"  im even more interested in trying ER4.  However, you liking re262 over re272 confuses me, because from my reading i thought...
      I agree, i fall into the prefer re0 camp, a minority perhaps?   I am looking for an upgrade to the re0/zero.  The re400 seems from what i have read to be similar to the re0/zero with more bass (sounds like i would like it), but also seems to not have as much detail compared to HF5.   Im deciding between ER4 vs re272, lots of people in this thread are very happy with re272, i am wondering if these people have compared it to the ER4 and prefer which one and why?
I am deciding between the ER4 and re272.  The amount of bass seems to be hard to pinpoint with these analytical earphones because its quite subjective depending on person.  I was wondering for people who have heard the ER4 and the re272, which one has better bass?   My current IEM is the re-zero and I really like them, didn't seem to mind the lack of bass until I purchased the HE-400.   Now im wondering if the "upgrades" to the re0 sound in the IEM world have more or...
  Don't need to wonder, everything i've read about them is good, but the limitation is budget   Perhaps next xmas? 
  Using the E17 with laptop will sound better because using the E17 via USB will allow its DAC to be used.  Running off the iPhone the iPhone's internal DAC will be used instead of the E17s.
Perhaps nobody cares, but because the HeadFi community has helped me I would like to share my journey with the community as a big thank you for the great people that contribute and made my journey an enjoyable one.   My accidental stumble onto HeadFi happened last year when I wanted to find a better IEM since i would be listening to music portably the majority of the time.  Prior to HeadFi, my experiences with earphones/headphones were Sony MDR-888 (some old earphone...
  Cool, i found that the c421 needs high using iPhone and LOD.  When used with my laptop via usb dac i could use it on low.  I think the c421 is sufficient, wont be getting Magni (unless I get a chance to hear it myself and like it haha).
  I'm interested in the Magni because its cheap and looks nice.  I am using the c421 with my newly acquired HE-400 and it seems ok.  I have to put the c421 on high and turn the volume to ~65%.  The c421 could power my re262 nicely on low and ~40% volume, so i find it odd Hifiman saying that using a headphone jack is fine .  I'd like to hear your updated impression of the Magni vs c421 =D
In case the line out to head unit is still no good then it could just be your car stereo. There are aftermarket head units with pre outs so you can hook up a full sized amp and subwoofer in you car boot. You will probably also need to upgrade your speakers.  Car audio can be pretty expensive, but these days i think its cheaper, problem is i no longer own a car =( The general path of upgrade in a car is head unit first which will be your amp. Then new speakers. Then...
Damn i thought this thread was a comparison =D
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