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I sold my 262 a while back and it was one of my first good IEMs.  I am interested to hear these again.   I remember they did not do very well without amp, and i bought the c421 just to get more out of them.  I still did not like them that much, but maybe it was how i felt at the time.  I do remember hearing them at my friends place with his desktop amp + DAC (forgot what they were), and it sounded AMAZING, unfortunately i found it did not pair as well with my amp at the...
I own the re400 and also dislike the muffled sound. Other than that it's a great earphone, and the sound sig is addictive. I have heard XBA3 and would probably prefer them as well. IEM I listen to mostly is ER4S at work and on public transport. I don't think the build quality of re400 would hold up with daily use on transport, like my re0 that died.
I am thinking about getting a gym earphone, and seems lots of people recommend the M6.  M6 looks interesting, but does anyone use the Rock It Sounds R-50 for gym use and want to chime in if they are good/bad for the gym?
  Hey, since i found your description of ER4 bass quite accurate could u spare some time to tell me what you think the sound of the W4R is compared to the ER4?  The W4R seem to be an upgrade to the ER4, in terms of sound signature are they similar?  Although i like i to stay away from iems that are worn up, since i prefer to wear them down.   Another thing bothering me is the microphonics on the ER4, there are adaptors for the ER4 to make them compatible with Shure or...
I finally bought the ER4P/S and the bass is as you described. I like this kind of bass.  I also find the c421 bass boost too much (6db?). I occasionally use the bass boost but when i do its too much, so perhaps the boost on the Fiio E12 (3db?) might be a good match?
  It is a shame that the prices have gone up.  In comparison Hifiman continue to innovate and offer previous flagships (re0) at a discounted price.  I love the re0&zero, and I was choosing between ER4, re272, or wait for the re600.  My initial impression of the ER4P (the adapter hasn't come yet) is that it is better than the re0 but $200 better??  It sounds very nice out of the iPhone (but so do the re0/zero).  It doesn't seem to benefit much from the O2/ODAC (kinda like...
  Thanks !!!   I bought the converter from Awwan, I like how its a plug rather than a cable. Which i can have plugged into the amp =D   I ended up pulling the trigger on the ER4P instead of PT because it was $250 on Amazon instead of $280.  I saw the ER4S for $220 but I was not sure if it was an authorized Etymotic reseller.
Thanks! So if volume is not a problem, the 4S is still better sounding un-amped. Also benefits more from amping as I guessed. I was leaning towards 4S cause its cheaper from Amazon. You add the adaptor price on top of 4P and its quite expensive.
I am confused about a few things regarding ER4. Can you guys help me verify my understanding and make corrections:   1) The ER4P/T is "easier to drive" than the ER4S, due to lower impedance, so in simple words the ER4P/T "sounds better" than the ER4S when you don't have an amp. 2) With an amp, the ER4S will sound better than then ER4P/T ? 3) Does the ER4P/T still benefit from an amp? If i plan to amp the ER4P/T, should I consider using the cable to add impedance...
I wonder why Hifiman does not make replaceable cables for their IEMs?  I'm interested in the re600 but from my perspective investing in an IEM over $200, it should have replaceable cables. Does anyone know if they have this in their roadmap or is this not a problem for most people and im just in the minority?
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