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or maybe you're making sense
Draygonn, a picture of that would be nice, if just for giggles. I think I mentioned already, running 3x Fractal Design 120mm PWM fans at 500RPM, they're rated for 15dBa at 800RPM if I'm not completely wrong and I've got to say they're quite silent! 212+ is quite silent with the stock fan under PWM too, but it was HORRIBLE when I had the PWM function turned off from my motherboard.
By Dr. Dre, By Tiesto.. ugh no thanks, and an EQ switch? I think the next headphones I'll buy are going to be Beyerdynamics..
To be honest there would be decent room for a bigger table in that corner, if the drawer wasn't on the way. I'm in a dorm and I've got limited space, but still plenty IMO
That is curious, my friend had the B2030A in her home where she produced some trance music, and both her mixes and the usual stuff we both listen to sounded great, even though both speakers were only 15cm away from side and rear walls!But I can see your point, as my B3031A sound nice, they're not nearly as good as they were further apart with speaker stands. I miss having a big room, but such is life in a dorm. I would get the 6010A if they had XLR inputs, I intend to...
AFAIK you're allowed to mention NwAvGuy, unless links are thrown, you just got to do it in a subtle manner so the Gestapo won't be trying to liquidate you for attempting to demolish their sponsorship empire
Or, sell the smaller Genelecs and take a step up the ladder and get the 8040 I too found the 6010A to very much not need a subwoofer, at least in comparison to A2 and the such. They are really something, I've no idea how they make them so good, haha.
So agreed. This site has a lot of positive qualities, I like the news and gear library and big crowd, but I don't really like what happened with NwAvGuy and how blind testing is a swearword and Sound Science is separated from the "real" forums, basically implying common sense and proof are unnecessary.
Ya'll bitches posting on a Jude page! Actually nevermind someone rearranged posts in a way that puts me on a different page so now I look like a total tool As an on-topic addition, I moved my fan headers from a controller to motherboard, applied fan throttling schemes in BIOS, and my desktop is whisper quiet now. Makes listening music a LOT more enjoyable!
The A2 will most likely do fine for non-headphone listening and casual volume levels. If you can get the A5 though, I'd say "bigger is better" in this case Bigger, and not too expensive options I personally loved:- Behringer B2030A (most likely cheapest of these three), my boyfriend had these, they aren't far off from the B3030A, never tried them "loud" though.- Behringer B3030A, "smooth" and non-fatiguing highs, very lovely detail and never distorts- M-Audio Studiophile...
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