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These would definitely be recommendable earphones if they fixed the driver flex.  I like them better than my Steelseries Flux because they don`t recess the mids quite as much. Hey Narmoo: Next time remember driver flex is an issue you need to address. Also, please update the included tips which are terrible.  Do both of these things and you are on your way to a winner.
The design looks a little busy/overdone to me, but it's nice to see the nozzles angled.
Sighs.  Please explain the hard science behind your concept of a vegan diet 'resuscitating tissues'.  Does not eating meat magically enable the tiny hair cells in the cochlea to regenerate?  I eagerly await the empirical evidence you're sure to produce. P.S. I won't even get into your unsubstantiated conspiracy theories or your absurd direct comparison of the human animal to several of the four legged variety.  The vegan diet must include some very special mushrooms to...
Though it seems off topic I don't believe a 'vegan diet' is inherently healthy but rather the reverse.  It becomes very difficult to acquire the proteins and enzymes you need.  The first is very much an issue if you lift weights.   Also, animals are delicious.  Yum!
If I need to EQ an earphone to get the sound I want then I'd rather just buy a different earphone.
Swedes are usually pretty clever (at least in my experience).  Does the bass colour the midrange?
I'm waiting for impressions; I'm especially interested in how it fits in a smaller ear.
Sorry to hear your tale of woe.  I've found customer service with CIEMs to be more important than virtually anything else I've ever bought.  This is why I'd never again touch anything from Unique Melody. One suggestion (and it worked very well for me when dealing with JH Audio) is to telephone instead of e-mail.  The immediacy of a human voice can sometimes put you on the radar.
Many thanks for the post; I'm interested in a great set of on ears and having heard the HP50 the 30 becomes very interesting.
I appreciate the response though it creates a  bit of a 'why not' mystery.  At the same time I respect your expertise which means the reasons are likely good.
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