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It's available now (see Amazon); I think we're past the pre-order stage.
I recall being told that silicone and acrylic both attentunate different frequencies.  Having said that I've found the Custom Art CIEM to be very isolating.  You might (barely) top it with a tri-flange Etymotic but for me the comfort issue means said Etymotic won't stay in my ears very long; a good custom can be inside your ears for many, many hours without discomfort.
I've already applied for store access, I want to be in on the ground floor for the micros.  CIEMs are an elegant space saving solution but with the new cable these are even more so.
For me customer service from JH Audio was good.  Initially I had some problems but once I got on the phone they were very responsive and my JH13pro is overall a satisfying purchase.  I do think customs which require a physical touch also require closer communication as well. My personal evaluation of customer service among customs companies I have deal with can be ranked in the following order: Custom Art: Excellent in every respect. #1 Clear Tunes: Great, completely...
It's ironic.  I remember visiting a few threads here where the creators said customs were on their way out and high end universals would dominate.  Now all of the Customs company threads I visit are full of messages about how backlogged said company is.  Customs are obviously not becoming any less popular, likely they are more so.
Where is the new model available?
So the lesson to be learned here is JH13Pros do not function well in a glass of iced tea.  I think we're all just that tiny bit wiser.
I'm getting a sinking feeling due to my incredibly sexy but small ear size.
Courtesy of the Custom Art facebook posting:   Custom Art is proud to present long-awaited Harmony 8 First in the world 8-driver silicone IEM - 4way acoustically, 3way electrically. Created to combine Music and Pro series - fun and accuracy. Pre-order dates and pricing to follow.   A sexy picture is included in the post.   I'm reasonably certain I'm going for it.
I'd like a set of the new micros... Just waiting for Cosmic Ears to respond.  I get the idea they are very, very busy.
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