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You forgot the best song of all time: Band Aid 'Do they know it's Christmas?'  Seriously though, that song is the greatest insult to music in the last 50 years.
Don't knock the expensive CIEMs.  I've yet to encounter a single driver earphone that can come close to matching the sound quality of a multi-ba CIEM.  We'll see how the R2A does.
Easily one of the most uninformative and poorly written reviews I've ever set eyes on. Flare might want to choose their reviewers with a little more care in the future.
High quality sports IEMs.... Colour me very interested.
I really should stay away from this thread... I don't want to be convinced I need another expensive CIEM.  (Grumbles.)
I've heard some great PSB speakers... of course that doesn't mean the same sound quality will translate to the world of IEMs but it's certainly and intriguing entry.
I wouldn't worry about Torque's build quality.  I've had the t103z for some time but my IEM destroying fiance has essentially stolen them and been using them heavily.  She's not delicate with IEMs and has already broken one from Audiofly another from Hifiman and a T-peos IEM that is metal and looked damned solid... at least until my woman got her hands on them (sighs).  The Torques haven't been treated gently and they're holding up fine.
On Head-fi, for many,  it's often about the journey and enjoying the gear as much as enjoying the music.  What sound signature (and qualities) are you looking for from an IEM?
I'm in for the R2A and am waiting for my Trinity Delta and two Hyperions... I think the next IEM Kickstarter of note will be for the Torque t096z.  I expect great things from that model considering the quality of it's predecessor.
In the Headfonia review it was stated that the R2A presented a larger sound stage than the Pro version.  Maybe it's the 'looser' additional micro vibrations that allow a bigger/fuller stage.  I used to own Mirage Omnisat speakers which used reflected sound to create an enormous sound stage.  I don't think sound quality (detail, separation etc...) took much of a hit over the Kefs I was using before... but wow was the music immersive (gotta dig those speakers out of storage...
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