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LuckyNat: I lived with the R2As for days before I put in my CIEMs (CT-500, Jh Audio Pro, Custom Art Pro330v2).  All three CIEMs are sonically superior.  However, all 3 CIEMs are also much more expensive.  For the price paid (Kickstarter pricing) the Flares are great.  What they are not is 'perfect', 'the best' or the second coming of that guy who got nailed up on a cross (I think it was Brian).  Lets not let that hype train drive us all over a cliff.
  I'm glad to see some balanced assessments of the R2 Pros.  I do think Flare has created a good earphone, but I don't think they're playing near the top tier.  They're certainly not on par with quality CIEMs.   The good news is cheaper universals seem to be getting closer to higher end CIEMs every year.... The level of improvement is amazing.  Gotta love technology.
Do these sound good with deep house?  Do the vocal ever get buried behind the mid bass?
I don't think that's an apt comparison.  The rigidity of the R2As aluminum vs the R2 Pro's Titanium shouldn't be that much.  I wonder if the housings differ in some other fashion... i.e. end cap differences... Or if the driver itself is somehow different.
I'm with you on this one.  I find it very difficult to believe that the same driver will sound any different in another housing where the only change is the type of metal used.  With speakers I can see it but the rigidity of aluminum vs. titanium in that small a construct creating a different sound just seems strange to me.
It might be worthwhile to ask Bob to offer a complete Trinity line up as one of the options for the next Kickstarter.
It is my considered medical opinion that no one will die due to a prolonged wait for their IEMs to arrive.  Of course in real life I'm not a doctor, I only play one on Head-Fi.   Cheer up, I'm in the same boat... waiting... the worst part for me is they might arrive here AFTER I change countries and will be away for a few months.
I think eliminating CIEMs from the list of available options means you can't achieve the best sonics in ears are capable of.  If it has to be universal the Noble 4 is extremely clear with a very pure treble.
While I'm waiting for my Delta +2 Hyperions how 'bout some of the Hyperion owners chime in with some sonic impressions?  I keep reading good things about the Delta but the Hyperion appears to be overlooked.
As someone who listens to a ton of EDM I want to state that not all of us want a bass cannon.  Quite the opposite, I want to be able to hear and contrast every element of what can often times feature complex, interesting arrangements.  When I put on vocal trance I need to be able to enjoy the euphoric sounds of great female vocals.   Thread to thread there are often people trashing electronic music and it's been the same sour tune since the genre began.  As if somehow...
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