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From a design perspective they're very tasteful.   A sub-bass with 'zero decay' seems characteristic of balanced armatures.  It's great to have tight, fast bass but I'm not sure if it's the lack of decay that contributes to a less realistic tonality in bass notes typical with BA drivers.
Colour me completely amused.  When you market a headphone with the tagline 'world's most expensive' it strongly suggests that it's a product manufactured for suckers.   "Hey everyone, look at my ridiculously pricey earphones!  They're gold plated and spent half an hour marinating in Sting's saliva.... So exclusive!  Hey, why are you walking away?"
Interesting.  Dynamic driver based CIEMs are much rarer than the usual balanced armatures.   I tend to prefer BAs but dynamics do seem to be better at creating  bass with a more realistic tone.
The D2 has now spent many sweaty days in the gym with me.  So far so good.  I will mention that noise reduction (isolation) is a little less than average.  If you're a runner this is likely a plus; you'll be able to hear the traffic around you.  If you go to the gym to lift like I do greater isolation is a good thing.
Reading this thread I feel as if I'm late to the party.  Nevertheless, I'm here now and this is where you can find my review of the Omega: http://www.head-fi.org/products/brainwavz-omega-in-ear-earbuds-noise-isolating-earphones-remote-mic-headset-stereo-headphones-apple-iphone-android-black/reviews/16099
Massdrop is offering a deal on the T402V: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/torque-t402-customizable-headphones
I was surprised to find the fit (even with the odd nozzle angle) easy and comfortable.  Even the plastic over ear guides don't bother me; they're no better or worse than the more typical memory wire.  As to the bass, I find out of the Benji C-1 it's slightly more (and less controlled) than I like but I think that's the fault of the DAP.  Played out of my HRT Microstreamer (which sadly can't go to the gym with me) bass is a little less and and the upper frequencies are...
Today I took the D2s to the gym where they were paired with a Benjie C-1.  Sadly it's not a match made in heaven.  The D2s have a better controlled bass and smoother mids out of my HRT Microstreamer.  I'll have to try a different gym DAP.
My D2 finally arrived.  Initial impressions are positive.  With the included tips (red core) I've already managed to get a good seal; comfort isn't an issue (and it can be with some IEMs as I have smaller ears).  I very much like the shorter cable (appropriate for gym use) and the red right side indicator.  Vocals are indeed a little forward, just the way I like them.  Right now I'm listening to the D2 render a very pleasing rendition of Felix Jaehn's 'Book of...
I can't argue with that.  It's amazing how competitive the market has become.  At the end of the day we, as consumers, win.  There's definitely been an uptick in quality across the board over the last few years.
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