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Is it possible to 3D print silicone yet?  Just curious.
   I know there have been some here who have asked why Torque hasn't been active in the community and forums.  I've been in touch with Yasu Yamamoto (Co-founder of Torque) who explained to me that they have plans to become Head-Fi sponsors in the foreseeable future.   What follows is a more complete answer straight from the horse's (or in this case Audio Stallion's) mouth:   Hi Guys! I supposed we should've joined the Head-Fi community a while back. We've been...
Yep, that's what I was told as well.  It's too bad because I would have gone for it otherwise.
More reviews.   This is for the on-ear/over-ear t402v:   Sound & Vision's t402v review:   The t402v and t096z, a promotional piece but with a few nice pictures:   The Verge's review of the t402v:...
Excellent.  I ordered a second Hyperion for my fiance and her DAP is a FiiO X1.  Woohoo!
The winners are the lawyers.  That's a shame because there's no such thing as a moral or honest lawyer.  If you want to meet people who are inherently corrupt and manipulative look to lawyers and politicians.
The short cable will go nicely with my Sansa Clip (zip) that I use for the gym.  I hope the Kickstarter will offer a dual package so we can grab one for ourselves and a second for our gym going girlfriends.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bobtrinity  Man you crack me up! Here have a little more pink (PURPLE ggrrhh) For the hybrid Atlas version I am looking for a Delta'esq sound sig, for the Helio dynamic I'm looking for something fun on the bass filter and a smooth almost neutral on the middle filter and for the vivid filter...well vivid Lets see how much tweaking I will need to do.   For the gym set can we get some sub-bass and a little bit of a bump for female...
That does sound appealing.  I like purple but hope it's a darker/richer shade and not veering towards pink.
I prefer green; a very dark metallic racing green to be specific.  Green and silver or dark grey would also be a nice (unusual for an IEM) combination.
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