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   It took a while for the M100 to make it's way to me.  I've only had it in my ears for 6 songs so this is the earliest of early impressions: I'm think I'm going to be going against popular opinion.  So far so good.  I'm hearing a rounded full bass, a somewhat rich sound and really good female vocals.  It's not bright but I don't feel as if it's as ridiculously unbalanced as others have described it.      I'll be doing some very critical listening and comparisons before...
I had an RE-400 and very much liked the sound quality.  Unfortunately one side stopped working and this was after only a few months of sporadic use.  I contacted HiFiman and they wanted me to ship it back to them but I was in the middle of a busy month and doing a lot of traveling between countries so never got around to it.   Simply put, HiFiman's build quality is suspect and their customer service requires you to do all the legwork and pay for shipping expenses.  I've...
Edit: Lend Me UR Ears has contacted me and is sending a replacement for my dead D2.  I'm very pleased with their customer service.   I'll admit my gym use is very hard on earphones (a lot of sweat)  and will definitely shorten their lifespan.
My D2 are dead.  They still produce sound but it's shrill and without bass.  They did suffer hard gym use (in which my ears get very sweaty) but overall I'm disappointed; previously I've used IEMs that were not sport specific and they survived my gym visits for a longer duration.
Interesting frequency range... It suggests this may be a very dynamic dynamic.
You might end up surprising yourself.  When I finished reviewing the t096z I swapped in the blue valves and thought that was that.  Not true though, I've since switched back to the reds as I enjoy what works as a refined sound for watching TV shows and some movies.
Thanks for the review.  The comparison to the RE-400s and the focus on the mids sells this for me.  I loved my RE-400s but the build quality was abysmal and both pairs I bought (for myself and my wife) died.   I'll likely be picking up a pair.
I'm not in the UK but I have to ask: What has changed with the new Etymotic models?  Is it a new driver, housing, tuning...?  As an owner of previous Etymotic IEMs I'd like to know if I should be adding these to my collection.
I don't need plastic though I do wish the t096z had less weighty housings.  I also agree that removable cables are a plus for any expensive IEMs, though I've not had any problems with the existing cable to date.  The t096z is an underrated gem; those varied valves give you a lot of flexibility. P.S. It appears Torque's newest product is is the AMHE model co-branded with Mercedes-Benz:...
From a design perspective they're very tasteful.   A sub-bass with 'zero decay' seems characteristic of balanced armatures.  It's great to have tight, fast bass but I'm not sure if it's the lack of decay that contributes to a less realistic tonality in bass notes typical with BA drivers.
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