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I'm going to disagree with you, my customs and my Noble 4 all sound better out of Sandisk's cheap Clip players than any of my cheaper IEMs.  Granted the difference is less than with a better source but it's still notably superior. If you're looking for an amazing value try the $17 (sometimes less) Sony MDR-EX37B.  I can't believe how good this thing sounds for the money.  Normally I've been at odds with 'The Wirecutter's recommendations, but wow do these cheaply made Sonys...
Lately I've found some amazing universal under $50 IEMs.  Alas, while they're very, very good they still don't reach the levels of my customs (or Noble 4).  For the majority of people the cheaper IEMs will come close enough that the additional costs for the top end can't be justified.  For others who aren't concerned about dollars or who are obsessive about sound, spending more does yield better results ( though sometimes you can also get ripped off like I did with the...
I've found silicone to offer a little more isolation, but silicone and acrylic both block frequencies differently.  The reason I believe my silicone CIEM performed so well was the Custom Art gave me the deepest fit of my four CIEMs.
Actually my JH13pro is very, very good.  I do think they deserve the hype.  These days they have a lot of competition (i.e. Custom Art) but despite tattoos that make him look like a retarded bouncer Jerry Harvey is an innovator.
Huge kudos for the colour coded strain reliefs.  I hate having to peer intently at an IEM to pick out the right and left sides.  This could be my first hybrid (though I'll wait for a few more impressions and widespread availability).
While the Noble 4s do have a large housing I find them comfortable for universal.  This is coming from someone who has smaller than average ears and canals, so I understand your concern.  Even the GR07 caused me some outer ear irritation.  The Noble is fine.
The Noble 4s are great universals if you wants a revealing sound that's not bass heavy.  For the money you want to spend (and if the focus is on comfort) I'd still opt for customs.  The truth is the process to get customs made is a pain in the arse but I've never found a universal that comes close to their comfort level.
The case is definitely superb (if you want something a little larger than you typically need for an IEM).
I'm not understanding the hype for this set.  They're definitely competent but they don't punch above their price level.  Also, the driver flex is the worst I've ever encountered to the point where it's irritating.
Full sized headphones are large, bulky, impractical in the gym and for travel; and for some of us, uncomfortable.  I don't like the feel of them resting on my head for long periods of time.
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