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To be honest, it's hard for me to find satisfaction from listening to other headphones after I own the MD. I did find a lot of good sounding headphones, maybe even better than the MD, but I didn't get the same level of wow factor like I did the first time I listen to the MD. They didn't make me want to buy one. This kinda worries me. But on the other hand, that means I have plenty of time to save my money. 
I've tried a friend's custom magnum v4. It's a different beast from the Mad Dog. The sound was big and more suited for EDM. I think it is a complimentary to the Mad Dog.
  IMHO, it's a good pairing with the MD. Though I think the Rx Mk3 needs some kind of burn in time to sound best. The first time I tried it with the MD was harsh. After a couple of weeks, I tried it again and the sound was good. Also if you have the chance, try pairing with a Portaphile 627 or an Apex Glacier.
I thought I'd share the link to this review by Edd Noble. I hope it's okay.
  Do you like Jazz? How about Jazz at The Pawnshop?
The MD is a modded T50RP. That should explain it to you.
The 1R is probably going to be better for portable use if size is a concern. I use my MD for portable too, though.
Funny. My MD sounded best with an old Sansui receiver with an MS2+ DAC. I doubt an old receiver will cost much.
  How loud were you listenting to it?
OP, just take it easy and start with the much cost friendlier ones. Once you have a steady income, you can always upgrade later.           So my recommendation changed to a Senn HD202  
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