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This system is no longer for sale!  
BTW - if you're in doubt about my scant history in Head-Fi, you can check my Ebay feedback under: texastrader2010. Also username Cletus on Large Format Photography Forum. I've bought and sold quite a bit on Ebay and the Forum and my feedback is good.   I will also provide my phone number and verified Paypal address and other information you might need to confirm the legitimacy of this listing, if you are serious about buying.   Thanks for looking! Phil...
timtoo -   I would probably be safe in guessing that the Burson HA-160 would be a good amp for just about any headphones, excepting Stax and other Electrostatics. PLENTY of power and my LCD-2v2 can handle all you can throw at them! I think they (the LCD-2s)  are rated for 2W or something, which is getting into full size loudspeaker territory. I usually keep the Burson set at about 25-30% for normal listening and my ears can't take it over 70% volume with Audeze's,...
Thanks all for your advice on this. I think I'm gonna change my ad now. Take a look too - this is really a great system going for a great price!
Thanks all for your advice on this. Actually, I'm selling the iPad in a package deal with the rest of my system and I will give the music away for free, as part of the deal. I'll even send a seperate HDD with the files if the buyer so desires. I don't think I'm breaking any laws by doing this, as I'm not profiting from the music files.   Anyway, we'll see. Maybe I'll modify the ad to make it clear that the music files are being given away for free. Thanks again!
I truly hate to do this, but I am in dire need of cash. I am selling my complete system and it's just about the ultimate, complete headphone system! This is only being sold as a complete set, so please don't ask me to break this up. If you're looking for a complete set, here it is!   This system is the culmination of almost of year of research and reading reviews and all the work paid off! Everything in this set was purchased brand new by me less than a year ago...
jerg - No, these mine are the newer Rev 2s with the angled plastic connectors. And they are pretty much pristine with everything that came with them. I plan to list them in the classifieds soon, along with a Burson HA-160 Amp, PS Audio DLIII DAC, Cabmbridge Audio ID-100 Dock and a loaded 160GB iPod Classic and a bunch of custom cables and power cords.   We'll see what kind of interest I get! Thanks for the advice!
Snapple - that's great! Just what I wanted to know. Thanks for your input.
Thanks. I guess I could include a separate HDD with all the music files in the sale. At least that way someone could start with a clean iPod and upload the files from the 2.5" HDD. Mostly I'd just like to able to get a better price for it by including all the music I've accumulated over the years.
alv4426 - I agree and that would be true if these were all iTunes songs, but only about 500 of them are. Everything else is 'open source' if that makes any sense. Most songs are from CDs I've ripped, or files from somewhere else.   Doesn't that negate the iTunes problem?
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