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The sound signature is on the balance side (Not neutral) with a warm mids like the SE530. However the SE535 has a better treble so the concentration is on the mids and highs giving it a very realistic vocals. Bass is more on the thumping side and doesn't extent low enough to give you the vibrating sensation. I recommend you the SE535 for the genre you have stated but don't expect it to handle every genre like dubstep, trance and other fast song. On most cases it can...
  That is a bit weird. Maybe faulty unit, weak source or it could just be that you don't like the sound. Usually people preferring better bass will opt for the SE215 instead of the SE535. I have to say SE215 is really a close representation of SE535 for a fraction of the price. It is a very good value earphone. I believe the Shure is more suitable for people preferring clarity and details over fun factor which may have been one of the reasons that they do not get as much...
No matter how high end ur custom is you still cant match a good pair of headphone such as beyerdynamic T1 and t5p assuming they sound the same. Still a flagship custon iem wil be above many $3-400 headphone and some in the range of $400-600
When a person sitting next to you ask for your opinion of your headphone you give an hour of lecture full of audiophile jargon instead of finshing in just few second with the words"its very clear sounding"
Simple. Give your budget and state ur preference. A jh16pro has hifi reference quality beyond dt1350 and those costing $300-400. Unless we know ur budget it is hard to recommend
Hi. Since ls8 is a multi driver iem, you are most likely going to have coherence issue when they are underpowered. Im using jh16pro which is another multidriver iem. So far i find that you can still use it without an amp through pc and ipod but like i said before you will not hear the drivers are coherence and you have to turn the volume up a bit.Comparing to universal they will still have higher sound quality even when underpowered.Dont worry bout whether if it is 320...
    Hisoundaudio is famous for their DAP range especially the now discontinued Rocoo A and Rocoo AB and also some of their earphone range such as PAA 1. Lately, they have been coming out with lots of IEM to cater the market needs and the Hisoundaudio PoPo that is reviewed here is one of their latest IEM that uses woods instead of traditional metal or plastic to give a more natural presentation.   Specs: Type: Dynamic, In-Ear Size of...
You know you are an audiophile,   When you have a room full of cables and headphones that can tangle you to death at any moment.        
Just received it yesterday. Now burning-in. Hopefully review will be up soon.
What do you mean by driver flex?    
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