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Cool thanks. And fuu. Yeah think I'm gonna wrap my cord with something like tape or something.. It gets tangled SO much.
Thanks yeah my sister is gonna get some with me, so we can split shipping. I'll do that, and return on here when I test them.
Hey all, I have been a huge fan of the Mono 8320's since I found the crazy reviews about them on here. Man, they pump bass like no other $7 headphones!     Anyways, I just went back on their site to order about 4 backup pairs, and seen now they have black in stock, and will have pink and white ones in around April.   Have anyone from here tested those? I'm guessing they should be the exact sound quality, just different colors right? I like the black better I...
Hey all, I got a sealed kit of T-400 Tips. Includes all 3x sizes in the color black.   I got two of these kits from Comply for reviewing on my PC forum.   I'm gonna sell this set, since I already reviewed the other, and have no need for this kit.   PM me on how to get them for $15 shipped. :)       I take PayPal ONLY!   Also I only have 1 trader rating on here currently, I should have 2 but the other buyer hasn't left any yet..   But I do have...
Sorry not for sure where to post this. I guess a mod can move it, if it's in the wrong place. Just had to post for others to see.   Also the site is completely legit, I've bought 10+ PC accessories from them with no problems at all.
Hey all, bought some perfect condition TF10's from Axesd on here. They arrive tomorrow, and now I just dont want them. Just prefer my cheapy Monoprice 8320's since I lose mine alot while travelling.   Here's a pic that he took:   Shipping to lower 48 ONLY. I take PayPal (No e-checks!).   I buy and sell a lot on PC tech forums. Here is my Heatware (Trader feedback).
Just found it, and did it with some white tape. Tomorrow I'll get clear or something.   Sounds stronger for sure on my Android, but still complete shat bass on my laptop.   Thanks for telling me about that easy mod.
Can you send me a link? Never heard of it. And what is the mod for? More bass, etc?
Lol stupid troll get lost.   To everyone else, thanks for help.    Yeah, I changed my mind a few times, but just didn't know exactly what I wanted at first.   I LOVE these Monoprice IEM's, and sure I'll love the TF10's aswell. Now I just need a small amp for when I listen on my laptop.
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