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  Thanks for the advice. I'm very tempted to get the M50 coiled version now. I suppose if I really don't like them I can sell them at a minimum loss.How was the bass compared to the beats? I listen to all types of music but I like my bass, especially for drum & bass, dubstep etc. I would also like something that is an improvement on the mids and highs.Thanks
  I don't know. That's the problem lol. Everything else I've had has been straight cable but I've read that the M50S cable is very long!
If I was to get the M50 are the straight cable or coiled cable version better?
The only time I would use them out of the house would be the odd time on a plane or train. I'll check them out. Thanks.
Hi. I'm new so go easy on me! :)   I own a set of Monster Beats Studio Headphones. I got them half price through my work so I only paid £175 when they first came out.    I would like something that is an upgrade on sound quality. Mainly the mid and high end.    I do listen to a lot off drum & bass, electro, dub step etc so I would like to have headphones with good, deep bass too.    I can get the Audio Technica M50S for £133. Are they best for me or can...
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