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that explains it - without Patrick82 I don't think any thread can reach even the top 1% of weird
he should talk to Scott Wurcer about audio - may already talk to him, if not about audio
Shannon-Hartley Channel Capacity Theorem and textbook Psychoacoustics, Acoustics for real world room noise floors suggest we're no too far off with Redbook CD Audio   as well as the 3 decades of people outraged by Digital Audio not coming up with more than a handful of somewhat Scientifically Controlled listening studies "proving" 16/44 inadequate - and those few not replicated, haven't made it into the Psychoacoustic textbooks yet     Shannon-Hartley Channel Capacity...
dynamic compression began long before digital, vinyl releases do get heavily processed, audible heavy compression effects in Rock in particular became the norm for some instruments   in analog, mastering for vinyl the compression has to be smoothed, the high frequency content generated by compression rolled off to prevent mistracking     the "new" problem with digital processing is the ability to have full bandwidth and amplitude everywhere below Nyquist - with a hard...
not imagining - just not questioning/testing audibility - or even giving a clear readable dB axis
then you don't know anything about actual hearing - only "personal experience" filtered by expectation, bias - psychologically powerful - but well understood and controlled for in Psychoacoustic Science - this is the "Sound Science" Forum after all
show you can hear it blind, controlled "ears only" listening test - with linear playback equipment that doesn't fold down IMD products to "conventional audio" range   if you have so much hi rez source on hand then make some available, get decent resampling and we can all post some foobar2000 ABX results
sorry, I missed the part where the captured hirez from the needle drops were picked in blind level matched listening vs direct or digital filtered at 22.1kHz       and just to add a bit of pedantry he actually could have given us 96k in a youtube audio stream and 48k is the default not 44.1 as stated in the video:   https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding   now where AAC-LC cuts high frequency...
130 dB SPL literal live rock concert levels would require earplugs under the headphones   and I do advocate for up to 120 dB clean dynamic peak capability for "end game" amp/headphone combos   highest peak to average recording I understand is ~ +24 dB, listening to 90+ dB average SPL may give more realistic live event SPL but shouldn't be done for long or daily   how to add channels is arguable but even THX standards only go to ~110 dB peak
unfortunately Moffet doesn't appear interested in adult "argument" - launched a rug chewing attack that would get the rest of us posts deleted when noise and dither realities were pointed out relative to "bit perfect" wants to be coy about sources, what exactly is "optimized" by his filter - there are lot of possible Math options to choose from but a hard limit on tradeoff re "Time Domain" vs "Frequency Domain" given that they are Mathematical Duals - little Psychoacoustic...
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