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up to 1/2 the sound field power reaching your ears in a real room can be the room modes, multiple reflections, "room reverberation" - so non flat headphone FR can be an attempt to correct for "free field" speakers/room response that the vast majority of music source is produced for today   and you should look at Smyth Realizer and hear one with a personal calibration with the head tracking if you really want a better appreciation of "EQ"
300 Ohms is a fine load for a pro studio line output, sensitivity is about right for pro studio level drive V too   and mainstream of +/-15 Vsupply monolithic op amps can manage the V   so an argument is that 300 Ohms is simply "old school" today   today's common single cell 3.6 V LiIon portable players often do about 1 Vrms out so 32 Ohms may the more modern mode
because digital volume tracks accurately between channels? can be "perfectly linear",  no actually audible bits are "lost", "reduced below the system noise floor" doesn't care whether it happens due to digital or analog attenuation?   with the yggy's >120 dB range a rational gain structure system will have the yggys' lsb in the human hearing in quiet SPL threshold - that's after minutes of accommodation in total silence - anechoic chamber levels of environmental...
its possible some "worse" pieces of the chain could have distortion that makes otherwise ultrasonic content audible as difference IMD products   this was a demonstrated error of some ultrasonic hearing listening tests - both tweeters and some amps were found to be at fault - "audiophile" reputation doesn't guarantee great linearity, particularly of "no feedback" amps driven to high levels   so its entirely possible for someone who hasn't verified low distortion with a...
you should talk with Monty about his Ogg Vorbis development - what he could hear with training, how he qualified the listening abilities of the core testers - how many standard deviations beyond "average hearing", how many didn't make the cut likewise the Harmon "Golden Ears" free hearing test is only the preliminary screen for their internal listening testers   I would say your "because no one cares" claim is a strawman 
Plangent Processing? - I know GD has used them in the past - if you can get original tapes you can strip out the "FM" modulation, "scrape flutter" mechanical tape motion errors from bearing noise, rubbing, stick-slip by digitizing at high enough sample rate to capture the recorder's AC Bias tone and use that as your timebase to back out the tape speed errors
rational fraction sample rate conversion and filtering just works - its not anything to worry about if you have working down sampling software on running on your PC or laptop computer
positive controls are allowed - have tests that from the literature are audible in DBT included in the trials - ignore all results from any subject not discriminating the known audible differences   training is allowed, recommended too - humans seem to be able to succeed at quite remarkable things that almost everyone fails at on 1st try, things that are unremarked parts of a practiced pro or serious amateur's ordinary activity in their area of expertise   cash rewards...
please tell that to John Curl and a dozen other frequent posters at diyAudio - a quick search of my posts shows I have pointed out the problems with Otala's formulation more frequently there in recent years   however flawed it seems to be an enduring meme still popular as an "explanation" with the "there's something wrong with (global, high) feedback" crowd
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