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Depends on the model.  All of the ones I've used so far, had this feature (Jaybird, Nokia, Motorola).
I ended up going with the jaybirds. They are excellent. I do not regret it. I bought foamy tips by comply, because I don't like silicone tips.
How do they compare, in terms of sound quality, with wired IEMS? I have Shure SE530, for comparison. I'm just trying to eliminate wires for some situations.
Did you buy direct from jaybird? Who handled the warranty?
The plantronics one looks really compelling, if it weren't for that terrible battery life. I also found the samsung Hs-3000 which looks decent, I can use my existing headphones with it.
What about Jaybird gear?  They're awful expensive, so I don't know.   I'm in the hunt for a good bluetooth stereo headset also.  So far I've found the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2, Motorola S11, but nothing much else.
Galaxy Nexus has a Samsung extended battery available, also Seidio makes one. It would help your problem, which is especially bad on the verizon Gnex.
  ps: I just added their RSS feed to Google Reader :)
  When you say "you have had", have you sold these other devices yet?
  Yeah, the Nexus 4 looks awesome.  $300 for 8GB model on Google Play, wow.  They're really cutting the margins thin.  Problem is, I live in Canada, so I can't buy off Google Store.  How can I buy a Nexus 4 outside of the USA?  I don't want anything to do with carriers, they'll just mess up the Nexus (remember the Verizon Galaxy Nexus?  What a clusterf***).
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