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I'm guessing you're talking about these Not these 
It needed to be done.
Kinda looks like some of the Final IEM's from those pics.
 If you're worried because of Inks comments, don't be, that's his schtick, drop into a thread and make ridiculously critical comments to stir up crap. I've seen him do time after time. Don't worry about what others think, base your opinion on your own listening experience and preferences.
Audirvana can play FLAC files.
Huh??? That's not what I said at all. Let me clarify, I'm talking about in the circuit itself not a separate amplifier. It's been my understanding that a typical DAC requires an amplification stage after the DAC itself to bring the gain up to the 2V. When adding a headphone output the difference is the gain is higher and it has a volume control of some sort so really you're not double amping, it's just one has higher gain and volume control so the volume has to be set...
Yes, but doesn't the HD require an amplification stage after the DAC to increase the output to 2V. I remember having this conversation with Justin from HeadAmp years with regards to the Pico DAC/Amp but it's been a long time and maybe the Sabre DAC's work differently.
I only have a basic level of electronics knowledge so correct me if I'm wrong on this. Don't both the HD and HP require amplification after the DAC so you're not really "double amping" with the HP, it's just that the gain is higher so you have to deal with a volume pot that will potentially color and/or degrade the sound and get the volume set right?
It actually doesn't seem to be that great of price, in Canada they're on at NCIX for $499 CAD which is about $405 US.
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