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A chance to hear Mojo's big brother? Count me in!!!   1) Stratford, Prince Edward Island   2) There's links to couple in my sig. and here's some links to older...
I'll second the Cardas A8 recommendation. I also really like the Oriveti Primacy. The Primacy has a little more treble energy and less bass which might be good or bad depending on what your looking for.On the cheaper side I'll throw out the NuForce HEM2. Not quite the bass, not quite the resolution and not quite the stage but as a whole it's very coherent and balanced.
Paring down my headphone collection. For one reason or another these are not seeing much use so they should find new homes where they won't be sitting in a drawer.   RHA MA750i - My work headphone for quite awhile until it was replaced by the NuForce HEM2. In great condition and includes all accessories (all unused except for the carrying case). Asking $50 USD or $65 CAD + shipping. Oriveti Primacy - I've had these for a few months and I'm reluctant to let them go as...
The reason I read awhile back is Tool feel their albums are meant to be listened to as a whole and they don't feel streaming services are conducive to this.
I love the pairing myself. I had a brand new Bifrost Mulitbit and Asgard 2 when I had the chance to review the Mojo. I bought my own Mojo the day after I shipped the review sample on to the next person and promptly sold the Schiit stack.
Is MQA compatibility something we might see with the UP? Thinking about picking up something mainly for work but might also see some time with my phone. The DragonFly Black has been leading the charge but the UP is an interesting alternative.
Just send those my way when you're done with them. :P
Wow, that's awful news. I used to talk to Ken on a daily basis back in the day. I often wondered how he was doing. Thanks for letting us know. 
£499 equates to about $820 CAD. That's incredibly disappointing.
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