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No, I haven't heard the TH900. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound confrontational, i was typing on my phone so didn't explain as well as I should have. I was just trying to understand/clarify what you mean by better extension as it can mean different things to different people. Foe me, when I read people talking about treble extension I think in terms of 8k - 10k and up but when talking about either revealing or causing harshness in a recording I tend to think that occurs more...
That doesn't sound like you're describing treble extension, it sounds more like it's spiky and/or overdone treble.
 For some of us buying is the only way we can audition gear.
The thing I like about joey99's design ishow the headphone sits in the base, the pads and headband aren't getting compressed which was something that bothered me about most other stands.
Just tried making a Tidal app using Fluid. First I'm occasionally getting a blocked plug-in notification, and second, going into preferences it seems streaming is limited to High with a message that HiFi playback is only available in Google Chrome.
I'm hoping it's priced more like sQ, hopefully with a discount for current sQ and Amarra 3 owners.
joey99 made one of his 3D printed Z7 stands for me back in January after I saw some pics he posted here. I can attest to its usefulness, it's a very simple, yet elegant solution. Not only that but he's a great guy to deal with, this was early days for his design and he tweaked it by adding foam pads for the Z7 to sit directly on and had it in the mail to me before he said he would. I personally think it's a must have for an Z7 lovers.
And then there's this   Looks like a full desktop app with Amarra sQ integrated right into it.
What I don't understand is why we Canadians can't at least buy the player.
Yeah, it's about 4.5 to 5 hours away, in another province, across a 12.9 km (8 mi) bridge that costs $45 to cross, so it's not really feasible.
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