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I'm a bit disappointed. I've had some issues with my ear and TMJ crop up again and I think it's the HEM2's that are the culprit. They're are generally really comfortable but when something about the angle and getting them seated seams to aggravate things more so than the A8's which have a shallower fit.
Yes, it's a great pairing. The Moon Audio cables seems really well built as well.
 Yes, definitely great sound for a single BA! I've heard a few other single BA's in the past, most were competent but HEM2 seems more satisfying than the others I've heard. Very impressed with them for the price. I'll be very interested to hear how feel the HEM8's stack up against both the HEM2's and A8's. For me, the Cardas A8's are on a whole other level than the HEM2's. The A8's are more visceral and substantial sounding. They've really grabbed me. As it stands now, the...
I received the HEM2's a few days ago and have been using them at work quite a bit. Boy, are these ever impressive sounding IEM's!
I have a Moon Audio Bue Dragon on my NighHawks and I love it. Click on the link in my sig for more info.
My A8's just arrived. After only a couple of songs I have a feeling I'm going to really like these. 
looks like my A8 will be here tomorrow.
Joined! Want to hear these compared to the Cardas A8 and NuForce HEM2's I have coming.
The Mojo is one of those pieces of audio gear that I expect some people will have for a long, long time. It's cheap enough that more of the masses will be able to afford one and it's good enough that you won't find much better until you move up in price by a fair margin. It's versatility means you can use it on the go and it's quality means you can use it at home as your main setup. Even with lower end headphones the difference should be noticeable but I'd expect as you...
That HEM4 is a super good deal! Kudos to you for offering them at the Massdrop price.
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