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 I will definitely keep the KEF in mind, it won't be for a little while yet though, I just bought a Schiit Bifrost Multibit and Asgard 2 so I'll need to pay my CC off for that purchase before I can buy anything else.
It's actually going to be interesting to see how the Asgard 2 performs with NightHawks because I think it may have some unexpected competition. I have a vintage Harmon Kardon 730 Twin Power receiver sitting here by my desk at home that I used to use with LCD-2's but it hasn't seen much use in a couple of years. I've actually been planning to sell it but I've got a real soft spot for it. Anyhow, I'm doing some work at home today and listening to music when I noticed the HK...
 Thanks! :)
 When I saw the announcement of the Bifrost Multibit (Bimby) yesterday I jumped on it, ordered one along with an Asgard 2. It's shipped out already and should be here for my 45th birthday on Tuesday. Happy birthday to me!
   So you bought a DAC knowing that one of its selling points is it has the potential to be upgraded and now you're upset because a few months after your purchase they've offered a couple of new levels of performance upgrades as well as passing savings on to their customers? Did your DAC suddenly start sounding like poo because these upgrades are now available? If you feel one of the upgrades is necessary then save your pennies and get it done when you can afford to...
Looks like an AKG K1000 to me.
 I was in on it the minute I read the news in the Gungnir thread. I have to say Schiit's customer service is excellent, I remembered after I put in the order that I wanted a pair of Pyst RCA cables as well, I sent them an email and heard back within a half hour. After that they it all sorted and a new Fed Ex tracking number within a couple of minutes.
Ha! I just placed an order for a Bimby and Asgard 2 about 5 minutes ago and just now got a shipping notification!
I quite like the M80 for what it is. My son has pretty much taken those over though so I'm actually in the market at some point for something similar, was thinking the XS though. My biggest issue with a lot of headphones is their clamping force which can irritate my TMJ, how are the M500's for that?
 I hear you. I sold my Tralucent 1Plus2 IEM's to fund the purchase.
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