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x2I've been looking for a decent stand for my NightHawk's for awhile now but I've not found a design that seems satisfactory as yet.
These are in excellent condition. I'm the second owner but I've only put about 5 hours on them. Comes with all accessories unused. Asking $250 USD or $350 CAD including shipping in continental North America. Payment via Paypal or if in Canada I will accept EMT as well. If paying via Paypal please add 3% or as gift.
I'm the second owner of the NuForce HEM8 and the first owner of the Shozy Zero. Both are in excellent condition and come with all accessories (tips are unused). I've only used both about 5 hours each. Asking $285 USD (or $375 CAD) including shipping in continental North America. Paypal add 3% or use gift. If Canadian I can accept EMT as well.
 I've been eagerly awaiting an official announcement as well. I love the NightHawks but I do tend to listen more with IEM's so these have me really excited. I've been trying to find an IEM for more serious home listening for awhile now. The HEM2's are great for work but they're not quite to the level I'd like for more serious sessions. I adore the Cardas A8's but I'm going to have to let those go because they seem to aggravate my TMJ. I have an Oriveti Primacy on it's way...
 That's the one I really want to hear!
Glad to hear you liked them enough to pick up a pair! Considering you, Jackpot77 and I seem to share similar sonic preferences I figured they'd be right up your alley. Thanks for the impressions of the NightOwl as well, I'm really looking forward to hearing more of Skylar's creations myself. A NightHawk t-shirt! You have to post a pic and @SkylarGray needs to tell us where we can get them. :)
The Pisces BA look interesting. Anyone get a pair of those yet?
At work listening to the HEM2's via Tidal straight out of my MacBook Pro's headphone output. Damn these things are good. So well balanced, smooth yet detailed with a satisfying amount of grunt in the bass. I swear they sound even better since I swapped out the "audiophile" cable for the mic cable after reading about the quality issues others were having with the braided cable.
 I don't know that I qualify as a discriminating listener but I do love the HEM2's. I actually prefer them the HEM8's! On a side note, I've been using the HEM's with Shure black olive tips with good success. 
These will be high on my list of future audio purchases. This is going to sound very fanboyish but I love the NightHawk enough that I think I'll be tempted to buy whatever Skylar comes up with.
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