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 I'll second this! I'm absolutely loving this pairing.
I wasn't impressed with JRiver on the Mac when I tried it previously. I thought both A+ and Amarra were a good step up.
Have you tried Amarra 3?
 I didn't go back to the 1Plus2, I never sold the 1Plus2. I bought the Ref1 with the expectation that I would keep whichever I liked more. At the end of the day though there were a few factors that came into my decision to sell the Ref1. I have bouts of TMJ that, at times, make using IEM's more difficult. During my wait for the Ref1 I had one such bout which made me second guess having so much money invested in IEM's alone. If the Ref1 had been exactly what I was looking...
For you maybe, personally I love the my 1Plus2's with Comply's.
I'd suggest the 1Plus2. I'm sensitive to treble and sibilance myself but with Comply tips I have little to no issues with 1Plus2's with regards to feeling like they're too bright or exaggerate sibilance.
Sorry, I thought I had read somewhere that 1.4.9 was considered one of the better sounding releases. At least I think that was the number, maybe I actually got it mixed up and it's 1.5.9. On a side note, I'm a little annoyed, I just purchased Amarra 3 with 10% discount code only to find out that they're having a Black Friday sale at 50% off. That means its selling right now for $50 which is good news for anyone looking to purchase Amarra 3 at a cheaper price than A+.
I owned the LCD-2 versions 1 and 2 and personally I'd take the Z7 over those.
I think you might mean 1.4.9?
  I haven't tried the latest version of Decibel but it was part of the comparisons I made about a year ago. I don't remember the specifics but I do remember that I didn't find it much different in sound quality to Vox. Do you feel it's made significant improvements over the last year? It's been a year since I did my more in-depth comparison and I haven't had time to do any serious comparisons but yes, Amarra sounding more natural would be the easiest way to put it. In a...
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