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Just the very comparison I was looking for, either the HD600/650 will be my next headphones thanks to the Moe's! Credit to the Moe's thou for being an excellent little package but looking forward to the bigger brothers non the less. Cheers StanD!
thanks guys, both very informative. I hear the Moe's are similar to the 650's but cannot confirm. besides the Moe's, I only have the hd202's which I love. but the Moe's are my everyday headphones by a long shot!
anyone compared the momentums to its bigger brothers hd600/650? congrats nomax!
What audio gear are you guys running your momentums on?   I'm currently running a Calyx Coffee into a Graham Slee Novo.
Cheers for that, I'd personally go for separate Dac & Amp combo.   I hear great things coming out of the Schiit camp.   Best of luck!
Wolvebain, what's your thoughts on the Bravo Ocean with the Hd650's? How's it sound?
Thank you for your review, it sounds like hd8 are a fun sounding headphone. Love me some edm music, will have to check To check these out soon!
Joined the momentum club today, I have a beautiful brown version pre-owned!   I simply love them!    Compared to my HD202's, I have to say the momentum's are super and a clear step up!   No issues with fit, they are really comfortable! Ear's fit inside the cups nicely and such a well made headphone!   Running these brown babies out of my Grahma Slee Novo which sounds amazing!   Back later....
I bought the Sabre U2 async a few months back, I also got the USB isolator just for laughs. I have it connect from my computer to my Graham Slee Novo. Simple setup just like most USB dac's nowadays, the only issue I have is that windows (7 64bit) sometimes forgets to load the dang thing!   When it is running I will say the sound is amazing for what it is! Compared to my Fostex HP A3 it has a slightly small sound stage but man...does it bring out the bass and mids!...  I had that one in my CMoy BB, was an excellent combo!! Good luck!
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