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Ok, I've swapped out the comply for a wide bore tip from my 500's. The fit is much better and slot straight in to the ear.   How are you finding the mids on these Rontant? I find they are still quite forward and detailed, not sure yet if they work with some music genres like EDM with the treble being less prominent?!   Perhaps the tips have a lot to do with the sound signature, we'll see.
Thanks Rontant, these are some special iem's. Getting better with each use. What tips are you using with these at the moment?
After 24 hours of burn-in: Sound -   - Vail has lifted. - Soundstage is very elusive, you can't see the ends of the stage but it's there. Every track is treated differently and can go from narrow to wide. - High's went from harsh/strident to dry with a hint of sparkle. Not overly done on the Im70's very neutral. - Bass is as others have describe, powerful, impactful, textured, presence. It sits nicely behind the mid's, adding weight and timbre to the music. - Mid's...
I had all the different pads except the G Cushion until now, save the best till last?! I'm quite impressed how the MS2's sound with G Cushion's so far and I don't think I'll change them! It was hard to find someone's opinion on the G Cushion with different model Grado's, so I bit the bullet and got them! Glad I did.
Sure Donunus, here you go! Note - This is from an Australian listed Ebay, price might differ from where you are in the world! :)
eBay one's, comes with foam covering for the speakers. not bad quality and fits fine!
Any room for the Ms2's? Had the G cushions come in today, just wanted to share some pics!             Comfort is superb, still sounds like a grado (more bass and soundstage).   Loving these pads!
Well, they've arrived (very fast delivery!).   Nice package!   IM70's next to my CKM500's and my handsome MS2's. :)   A closer inspection of the two iem's.   Initial impression, not use to the 'around the ear cable' but fits fine with stock tips.   Just about to burn them in but will give a quick first impression (Stock):-   - Clear, Full, balanced sound. - Bass and mid's are on par with each other and the treble is precise without simbilance. -...
Thanks Rontant, will do!   Will do some comparing when I receive them, currently using the CKM500's.
Well, just got the IM70's for a good price of $100 (Aus) new, so couldn't pass up the deal!   Looking forward to hearing these very soon!
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