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Mind blown!    Loved the coverage! :)
My initial impression would be, that these headphone's are very capable. They produce a sound that is very clear, detailed and foward. A touch warm but very neutral! I don't have the pro 80's but I have a few other closed can's to compare to, and I will say these sound damn good!.  The build caught my eye at first, as they remind me of a m50/msr7 style or perhaps a shure.  Very comfortable and the soft pleather pads are a step up, similar to the momemtum's. I'm going to...
Just had these come in today:  
The Aurex look sweet, the T50's have my attention.  Are these hard to come by, Yaluen?
I still have my Novo and swap it out every now again with my Asgard 2 but honestly the Novo sounds more energetic compared to the Asgard.   I would love to hear the Solo one day, as I hear it is quite a step up from the Novo.    The PSU intrigues me, supposed to enhance the amp quite a bit, compared to the walwart (green) psu.    Great review!
I agree, the 600's and the momentum's have a very similar sound signature....I often swap between the two!
The drivers in the momentum's are something fantastic! A great sounding closed portable headphone but heck, I use mine at my desktop too!
Woooo....I love the look of the monitor on the right! :O
Taka-son, would you recommend any other Koss headphones from the vintage era or perhaps anything from this era?
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