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Thanks for that Armaegis, the Asgard 2 is very very capable amp and I do enjoy it.   My birthday is coming up and I have access to a unit brand new, for $350 Aus dollars, that's including a pretty decent discount, which it normal retails here for $600.
Can anyone compare the Nuforce HA-200 to maybe a Schiit Asgard 2?    I can get a HA-200 locally for a really good price and was wondering if anyone can compare it to an Asgard 2 which I'm currently using.
Oh nice...let us know how you go with that one.
I tell you what, this tube gives the hd600 a kick in the dynamic section as well as the clarity. This is one of my cheapest and easiest to attain tube and I'm willing put it on par with my philips sq with gold pins. They aren't as holographic as the philips sq but I'll be damned...they still present music amazingly. I seriously wasn't done listening to the philips sq but it will have to wait out till I'm done with this russian nos. Runs fine in the vali 2,just a hint of...
I've rolled in a 6N1p - EV tube for the last few days now, was reluctant to take out the Philips SQ.    Boy...this tube does have some character to it! Dynamic and throws a nice big image, was good technicalities as well.    Amazing bang for buck!   Looking for some 6N23p next I think!
Hahah...enjoy mate! :D I too would love an Uber Vali 2 but I guess I'll have to fork out the money for a Valhalla 2 or Lyr 2.  I'm just listening to my Philips E88CC SQ's that I've received today, ummmmmmm.....big stupid grin on my face!  They are delicate, spacious, detailed and musical...pretty close to perfect for me! More listening time for me!  I love this little guy!!
Lovely stack there, have fun! :D
Can you let us know how you go comparing the rca 6cg7 tube with rest there. Definitely taller than the other tubes.
Let us know how you go with it when you get your Vali 2.  I might pick up a Haltron 6CG7 today, we'll see. I also have a Philips SQ E88CC coming in soon too.
I'm able to get some 6cg7 down my part of the globe. How do these compare to 6dj8 series? Do these fit alright and how much power do they require?
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