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I agree, the 600's and the momentum's have a very similar sound signature....I often swap between the two!
The drivers in the momentum's are something fantastic! A great sounding closed portable headphone but heck, I use mine at my desktop too!
Woooo....I love the look of the monitor on the right! :O
Taka-son, would you recommend any other Koss headphones from the vintage era or perhaps anything from this era?
Does it look like this one bro? I'm really enjoy the sound signature of the Koss, I'm definitely on the look out for more! The KC 180's are a rough diamond, the sound at first is much, much different to something like the Sennheiser Momentum's but I'm loving the energy these Koss cans bring! Just really enjoyable!
Thanks Boris, had a read and loved the review! :D Definitely going to try out the D now!
Looking forward to picking this Dac up very soon, spoke to Nick from Hifime and he thinks the D can put out a tonne of power:   "The 9018D can power any load from 16 ohm. At line level (above 1K) the output is 3Vrms which is a strong line level signal. The 9018 can also drive line loads, signal is 1Vrms at line level which is still within line level range."   Nick.   Should be interesting!
Hrmmm more intrigue, these are the pics from inside the cups.  As you can see, not much dampening. Tempted to try some mods but I think I'll just leave them be and keep them stock! Pads are in pretty good condition without any blemishes or tears. Inside the box is a catalogue very similar to your link Nick, I might scan and upload it too. I'm not in to burn-in but I dare say the sound is slowly changing or perhaps brain is adapting to sound. Thanks for looking in to it...
Oh dear, I feel I've broken the internet LoL. The driver is about 55mm with the housing close to 95mm. Spending time with these yesterday evening to this morning, I'd say the sound is rather neutral with a slant to the treble and mids. The bass is dead flat but is very present and coherent, it goes down quite deep with a bit of a rumble with certain tracks. The mid's are interesting, no peaks or harshness, very clear and present. Treble extends quite nicely but not too...
Ok, here we go Takato...   
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