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Thank you for your review, it sounds like hd8 are a fun sounding headphone. Love me some edm music, will have to check To check these out soon!
Joined the momentum club today, I have a beautiful brown version pre-owned!   I simply love them!    Compared to my HD202's, I have to say the momentum's are super and a clear step up!   No issues with fit, they are really comfortable! Ear's fit inside the cups nicely and such a well made headphone!   Running these brown babies out of my Grahma Slee Novo which sounds amazing!   Back later....
I bought the Sabre U2 async a few months back, I also got the USB isolator just for laughs. I have it connect from my computer to my Graham Slee Novo. Simple setup just like most USB dac's nowadays, the only issue I have is that windows (7 64bit) sometimes forgets to load the dang thing!   When it is running I will say the sound is amazing for what it is! Compared to my Fostex HP A3 it has a slightly small sound stage but man...does it bring out the bass and mids!...  I had that one in my CMoy BB, was an excellent combo!! Good luck!
What kind of headphones/earphones will you be using with it? Sorry but I don't use my gear on the go!   But for $200 you'll be able to get something very decent although it will come down to what headphone or earphone you decide to use!
Hey mate, I still have this Dac laying around.   My rig has changed over the seasons but I still have this dac on standby, now I'm using a Graham Slee Novo with a Fiio E10.   I'll open it up soon to see what dac it is using, I remember the opamp was something like a BB-2134 or something like that.   I plugged it back in to run with my Novo a few days ago and it still sound great (if not a bit laid back!).    As for Fred's amps, after the little tube amp I bought...
Interesting post, I wonder, can you run the U7 out to a headphone amp and is the microphone still functional at the same time.   Looking at one of these especially for BF4 and need a dac that has a mic option, currently running a E10 and don't want to use the mobo's onboard mic!
The Sammies don't need much juice but I'd pair them up with a good amp for added measure!    Unamped, they will sound fine as they are already very detailed and warm. I believe an amp helps with the lower frequency come out when they are called for.    A nice cheap Cmoy will do just fine if you can't afford the pricier amps.    Lastly these headphones are very revealing to me, use a good source and you'll be fine!
Very nice review, like Bluezdude I've just got hold of these.   I literally only just 'woodie' my MS1i's but something attracted towards the T50rp.   I'm not sure what it was but perhaps the allure for something other than dynamic headphones.   I purchased these at a Big Buys down here in Australia for $128 Aus. They are literally only a few days old and I will admit they needed some burning in for the first few hours. But after that they had a very laid back...
NIce, the Sammies love tube power!!   Really a pleasure to listen too, also tames those highs but keeping them detailed.   SydDave, how you finding the Clear top RCA's?! I got some golden lions which are fantastic and a Mullard box plate which I'm about to try out.   I'm looking for a new tube amp soon too, been using one I got from Fred_Fred! Are the bravo amps any good?!   regards,
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