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Let us know how you go with it when you get your Vali 2.  I might pick up a Haltron 6CG7 today, we'll see. I also have a Philips SQ E88CC coming in soon too.
I'm able to get some 6cg7 down my part of the globe. How do these compare to 6dj8 series? Do these fit alright and how much power do they require?
I'm looking at you ZMF Classic, be ready! 
Would you know which model this one is, I'm sure that the T50rp MK3 don't come with these pads?!
 I agree with Skarecrow, be cautious but have fun and remember to not totally get enthralled with other members experience cause it could differ to yours!
Holy Moly.....Vali 2 Uber! 
Hey Howie, can you check the top of the tube for seams?  If it has four seams at the top then it "might" be a Siemens? Hope you're enjoying the tube mate! :D
Hope you enjoy the experience mate!
Sweet Jesus....   If you love your Philips and you never EVER want to part with it, DO NOT listen to the Siemens!   I'm stunned... 
Hi guys, just an update on the tube rolling.   Today, I've received my Siemens PCC 88 tube, and on first impressions is that it shares many of the same traits as the Philips, which I truly adore to this day.   I tried the Telefunken for a good week but didn't gel with me. Either I received a dud or it did not synergise well with my setup. Came away a touch too neutral.   The Siemens is my last tube for a while until I can find a few more.    I'll keep in...
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