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How do I feel about the 6sn7 tube conversion:   First impressions:     Second impression:     That is all!
I think you'll find it a few pages back but: - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4pcs-9pin-B9A-Bakelite-Testing-Tube-Socket-Saver-For-EL84-5670-6DJ8-ECC83-6922-/201096401982?hash=item2ed247943e:g:6iQAAOSwiYFXGEFp - (Socket Saver) - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1pc-6SN7-TO-ECC88-6DJ8-6N11-6922-6N6P-tube-adapter-for-you-amp-/201079159018?hash=item2ed14078ea:g:3~sAAOSw9mFWLioO - (6sn7 to 6dj8...
I got the momentum's and chuck them on for some fun, syrupy goodness! Ok, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say....Save your money for this 6sn7 setup guys/gals, this is serious schiit! It could be 'new toy' syndrome but my ears are in heaven, I have a small collection of tubes but damn....I think I'm done! Clarity is stellar! Amazing holographic sound stage! I feel more drawn in to the music, it is utter deliciousness! I gotta stop gushing and do some real listen but...
Holy Moly, Ok....I've just gone the 6sn7 route!   I see what the other members are talking about!   Using a Russian 6sn7 plus all the adapters and socket savers you need with this conversion, only just warmed up but I'm very impressed!   Might report back in a few weeks about this tube type.  
I have a Vali 2, Asgard 2, Graham Slee Novo at my desktop and a Yamaha receiver for my theater room. The HD600 performs amazingly with all these amps, especially the receiver and the HD600 are my "go-to" headphone for watching movies. Out of all my headphones I would say the HD600 sounds 'just right' with most sources/amps. It's 'neutral' tag to me kinda betrays what it can really do, imho.  Perhaps start out with a cheap tube amp and see if you like that better.  I can...
Still a great little amp!! 
The Voskhod will probably be my last tube for the v2. Hoping to move up something bigger. I've been listening to a pcc88 tungsram and i will say it is a very very good tube. Very musical with great detail. If you can get one, try one out!
Thanks for that Armaegis, the Asgard 2 is very very capable amp and I do enjoy it.   My birthday is coming up and I have access to a unit brand new, for $350 Aus dollars, that's including a pretty decent discount, which it normal retails here for $600.
Can anyone compare the Nuforce HA-200 to maybe a Schiit Asgard 2?    I can get a HA-200 locally for a really good price and was wondering if anyone can compare it to an Asgard 2 which I'm currently using.
Oh nice...let us know how you go with that one.
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