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I love these. In the $30 range, you'd be hard pressed to find something better.    The clarity is amazing for something this cheap! :)    A little less mid-bass and more deep (true) bass would be nice. That's my only complaint here, and one that I hope to address when I buy some proper IEM's from Heir Audio.
Thanks for the advice. :) The  HF3's look pretty interesting. I'll be sure to check them out. 
This is exactly what I'm asking. Thanks for rephrasing it in a less confusing way.    I want to know which Heirs ( or will have the most similar sound signature. I'm hoping someone can tell me    ___ has about as much bass and treble and mids as the ear pods.    I'm so stuck between the and  I know the is a "fun" IEM - it has a bass boost and a treble boost, giving it a gentle V shaped signature.  I know that the is "flatter" and designed to...
Before anyone kills me and eats me, I know they are worlds apart. But, I'm focusing on sound signature here and have a question.     I just got my hands on apple ear pods, and I really liked their sound signature for the most part. They have basically exactly the sound signature I'm looking for.    But, I really want a set of Heirs for the better soundstage, detail, clarity, isolation, etc. My only question is,    Are the ear pods closer to the or
I think it's just the way they are set up - they are built to be easily driven. That's why they probably wouldn't benefit too much from amping.   Glad your impressions matched mine. Android Police has a great review of these. Tinyman, please fix your link, as it is broken. :P The above link is the correct one. :) 
If you like a neutral signature, get the 4.a or - Dr. Moulton says they are his most neutral sounding headphones.
I've heard many people mention that the recording and mastering restrictions on movie soundtracks typically turn out much higher quality music than your typical recordings, where whoever is mastering may participate in the loudness war. Apparently, if a movie is to be THX certified, recordings are not allowed to be made louder in such a way that quality is lost. I'm not sure if it's 100% true, so perhaps someone could confirm this?  In my experience, though, I've...
So, these are flat 4-driver headphones? or do they still have the UE sound signature, but with more mids? 
I'm calling BS on this claim.  Okay, it looks like they are dual bore, but I'm not sure if they are dual driver. Also, without a seal, balanced armature drivers don't quite seem plausible... Could these be dual dynamic drivers? 
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