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http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/10/04/logitech-ultimate-ears-ue-900-earbuds-review-mind-blowing-sound-less-than-brilliant-ergonomics/ Android Police has a great review of these. Tinyman, please fix your link, as it is broken. :P The above link is the correct one. :) 
If you like a neutral signature, get the 4.a or 4.ai - Dr. Moulton says they are his most neutral sounding headphones.
I've heard many people mention that the recording and mastering restrictions on movie soundtracks typically turn out much higher quality music than your typical recordings, where whoever is mastering may participate in the loudness war. Apparently, if a movie is to be THX certified, recordings are not allowed to be made louder in such a way that quality is lost. I'm not sure if it's 100% true, so perhaps someone could confirm this?  In my experience, though, I've...
So, these are flat 4-driver headphones? or do they still have the UE sound signature, but with more mids? 
I'm calling BS on this claim.  Okay, it looks like they are dual bore, but I'm not sure if they are dual driver. Also, without a seal, balanced armature drivers don't quite seem plausible... Could these be dual dynamic drivers? 
These guys set up shop around my campus today. I tried their revolution headphones, and they sounded pretty good. Very comparable to other phones in the $90-$120 range.    I used my iPhone 4S, unamped, but played several lossless tracks through them. They would benefit from a little amping, but overall, I was very pleased with the sound.  I'm not terribly fond of on-ear headphones, but they didn't squeeze my ears too much. :) Sound-wise, the bass definitely...
Thanks. :) and Ah, complications, the bane of my existence.     
Will you be posting a review? :) Please do.  How was your first impression of the 'phones? Do they feel like a quality product?  Have you burned them in yet?    Do they sound like a quality product? Sorry I just bombarded you with questions. I get excited really easily... :) 
  There's also the heir audio 4.ai
  Hmm, I haven't decided which one looks better... :) And for me, the determining factor will be sound signature... I'll see what reviewers on here say about how they stack up against eachother.      Heir 4.ai vs UE 900's -- should be a pretty interesting comparison :) So far we know both IEM's do:   1x high 1x mid 2x low   And of course, having read the Heir 4.ai reviews, they seem to have a very balanced/neutral sound signature that's right between warm and...
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