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UE RM's are really really really flat. Everyone I've talked to has told me that they are super transparent and don't emphasize any specific part of the spectrum. That's what makes them reference monitors.    With these, I'm hoping they use Dual BA's for the bass and one for mids, another for highs.  The only thing I found lacking about the TF10's was that the lack of really rich outstanding mids... They were clear, but they weren't forward or powerful, as the v...
Yep. And the cables and overall design...     Looks like these will be FAR more comfortable to wear than the TF 10's and on top of this, TWO included cables, and they look like High Quality cables to me :) 
If they are below 200 on black friday/cyber monday... I'm TOTALLY getting these! :D
Totally entering in this! :)
  I agree. Either they are in your ears, or they are in your pocket/bag.    Unless your 'phones get stolen. That's an entirely different scenario....
Really? I'm seriously considering purchasing the miracles and really was wondering if I'd need an amp since they have 6 drivers / ear.    But I guess not :) THat's good news. As far as audio files go, I can just swap out some of the Apple Lossless files that I have on my iPhone... My library doesn't fit anyways, so it's no big deal.
10Hz? Looks like some solid bass :)
Currently Listening to Fourth Dimension by Lights.  
Thank you, everyone, for posting.   As I am very new to the audiophile community, it was a huge help to get an idea of what tracks to use to test audio gear. As listening is really subjective, it's nice to know what to look for in different tracks so that I can find those headphones that are just perfect for me :)
Hello Head-Fiers, I'm looking for recommendations on what songs I should use (in lossless) to test various headphones and speakers I have.     Try to follow the format:   Artist | Track |  What to look for       For example:   M83 | Skin of the Night | Clarity of vocals, drums. depth, texture, and extension of bass. Separation of Detail.   This really is one of my favorite tracks to test on really good speakers... because it sounds amazing. It's...
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