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Don't bash on him for loving Bass... The 4.ai isn't the headphone for bass-lovers. :P        I would really suggest that you go for the 3.ai instead. :) Don't give up hope. From what everyone's said... the bass on them is phenomenal.
  Thanks. I guess for the newer CD's I get, where I don't want to keep a lossless copy except for archival purposes, I'll just convert to 320 AAC.   
Hello,    So we've all seen the debate between 256 Kbps AAC vs 320 Kbps Mp3, and while many consider the differences to be almost negligible, people have come to realize that AAC seems to perform better with acoustic sounds, whereas Mp3 seems to handle electronic-sounding sounds better (synthesizers, wobble, etc), just from the different compromises they make when compressing audio.   That's well and good... but what about 320 Kbps AAC? I just noticed that iTunes...
If, by big jump, you mean a massive increase in the quality of sound, not really.    They deliver about the same sound, but with focus in different areas. It's a choice about fun vs analytical  :) 
They are honestly quite good. I say go try them out. You should be able to return them to the apple store within 30 days if you don't like 'em.
Has anyone here listened to both the UE 900's and the Heir Audio 4.ai?    I really can't figure out which one I want more. I like bass, but I'm not a basshead.  Secondly, I've been listening to all my systems with no equalizer, and whatever seems to be the "neutral" setting, but I'm not sure if this is the warm neutral of the 4.ai...   I wish I could demo both of them :P I don't want to throw down $400 without at least trying both. :/ 
  Yes. I love how the mid-bass brings out the weight of the guitar. However, I wish the bass would go a bit deeper. - these would really benefit from truly *deep* bass, because with several of the electronic tracks I have right now, the midbass just punches back which is great for adding weight, but true deep bass is missing, so there's really nothing to add weight to!    For example, listen to Derezzed on the Tron Soundtrack. 
I love these. In the $30 range, you'd be hard pressed to find something better.    The clarity is amazing for something this cheap! :)    A little less mid-bass and more deep (true) bass would be nice. That's my only complaint here, and one that I hope to address when I buy some proper IEM's from Heir Audio.
Thanks for the advice. :) The  HF3's look pretty interesting. I'll be sure to check them out. 
This is exactly what I'm asking. Thanks for rephrasing it in a less confusing way.    I want to know which Heirs (3.ai or 4.ai) will have the most similar sound signature. I'm hoping someone can tell me    ___ has about as much bass and treble and mids as the ear pods.    I'm so stuck between the 3.ai and 4.ai.  I know the 3.ai is a "fun" IEM - it has a bass boost and a treble boost, giving it a gentle V shaped signature.  I know that the 4.ai is "flatter" and designed to...
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