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The Asgard 2 is designed to handle IEM's as well.  as for why... I personally would like to have a nice DAC and Amp that do everything... from IEM's to Orthos...
I feel like the best would be the Schiit Asgard 2 with switchable gain is probably the best schiit amp for IEM's in general... 
Nice!! Also, did anyone else get their hands on the 5.0? Does Anyone want to write a review on them?
Beautiful. I love the color combination.  :)
On their website, Schiit says that they will power most anything. :)   I find the versatility and price point to be very attractive, so I really hope it's true.
Would the cheapest Schiit Stack (Modi/Magni) be appropriate for driving the Tzar 350's as well as something like the 5.0 or 8.a?   I'm a *total* noob when it comes to Amps and DAC's, even though I know my way around IEM's pretty well... so advice would be hugely appreciated.     I saw this, too! :o    So excited to see what's coming! :D 
Nice!! How does that Magnus cable feel?
I, too, have gone to bed with them many times. :) 
Considering that it's supposed to be a younger sibling to the 8.a it should have an amazing soundstage :)
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