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Would the cheapest Schiit Stack (Modi/Magni) be appropriate for driving the Tzar 350's as well as something like the 5.0 or 8.a?   I'm a *total* noob when it comes to Amps and DAC's, even though I know my way around IEM's pretty well... so advice would be hugely appreciated.     I saw this, too! :o    So excited to see what's coming! :D 
Nice!! How does that Magnus cable feel?
I, too, have gone to bed with them many times. :) 
Considering that it's supposed to be a younger sibling to the 8.a it should have an amazing soundstage :)
Man... I absolutely must get my hands on the 5.0 $480 saved up so far.
I wanted to add a little something to this thread, so here's a nice treat.    Here's the frequency response chart for the Ear Pods           As you can see, these are more neutral than you'd think. Also, they have quite a bit of Mid-Bass but really lack sub-bass - I can't hear the bass drums in Barbossa is Hungry on the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack.    For the price, though, they sound amazing. :)
What's the y-split like on both of these cables? I haven't been able to see pictures of that anywhere :P 
Don't bash on him for loving Bass... The isn't the headphone for bass-lovers. :P        I would really suggest that you go for the instead. :) Don't give up hope. From what everyone's said... the bass on them is phenomenal.
  Thanks. I guess for the newer CD's I get, where I don't want to keep a lossless copy except for archival purposes, I'll just convert to 320 AAC.   
Hello,    So we've all seen the debate between 256 Kbps AAC vs 320 Kbps Mp3, and while many consider the differences to be almost negligible, people have come to realize that AAC seems to perform better with acoustic sounds, whereas Mp3 seems to handle electronic-sounding sounds better (synthesizers, wobble, etc), just from the different compromises they make when compressing audio.   That's well and good... but what about 320 Kbps AAC? I just noticed that iTunes...
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