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Random and slightly different topic here... I know it's been asked before, but any chance that Heir Audio will start selling through amazon?
Exactly. I'd be hard pressed to find other $40 iems that perform this well.    In all honesty, these are worlds better than the original iPod ear buds. If I had to put a price on this sort of performance, I'd put it around the $70-80 range. Not spectacular. It certainly won't come anywhere near multiple balanced armature IEM's or even single-BA iems. But, it's a great value for the price.
  What's your asking price? 
Just a quick heads up, here's a website for those of you who'd like to calculate import duties beforehand :)   http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation/
It's much better to buy some Silica Gel and use it to keep them dry..    Remember that BA drivers are sensitive to heat, and you don't want to damage them by heat-drying.
And that is how you bait the trolls... 
*sigh*    Guys, if you go read the warranty details on the heir audio website, it's *right there*.    Now, can we please go get back to discussing the IEM's and sound.
whoops. Mis-posted in the wrong forum.    Sorry!
Is that gold?!?    You lucky duck! 
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