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 This is awesome news! The SD4 will likely be my first big IEM purchase in a while. 
Any word on when the SD4's come out? I've decided that I will wait and buy those when they do... :) 
If yuo don't mind, what's the name of the little amp you've got connected to the SD3's?
  TF10 is darker if you use the mids as the reference point, but I think it's more accurate to say that the TF10's are a very V shaped sound signature.    The bass and treble are elevated, and the mids are recessed. I've slowly grown to dislike recessed mids, and instead prefer a close to flat sound signature with bass extension. You could say I've matured from being a bass head, to learning to like treble (and the V shape), to now finally enjoying and really appreciating...
What do we expect the SD4 to sound like? I'm hoping for something in between the SD 2 and SD 3.
I blame autocorrect! ;)
This review alone has convinced me to buy the StageDriver 3.    I just have to scrape together some money, now :P    Thanks for taking the time to write it! :) 
I go away for a while... and I come back to all this drama, torches and pitchforks. What the hell happened here?! o__o
  You can assign equalization presets to each song in iTunes - then, when you sync them over, the custom preset is stored in the metadata for the song, and your nano will EQ on a per-song basis automatically.    And to lower the treble, there is a bass boost EQ that might help you out.
For those of you who might be interested, I found InnerFidelity's measurements on the Ear Pods. Take a look:    http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AppleEarPods.pdf   That huge bass rolloff is why I can't hear the bass drums on the track Barbossa is Hungry (Pirates soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer)    Notice, however, that the MidBass and Mids are nicely balanced, though the mids are a bit forward in relation to the highs. The reason they sound so smooth, and still...
New Posts  All Forums: