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And that is how you bait the trolls... 
*sigh*    Guys, if you go read the warranty details on the heir audio website, it's *right there*.    Now, can we please go get back to discussing the IEM's and sound.
whoops. Mis-posted in the wrong forum.    Sorry!
Is that gold?!?    You lucky duck! 
  You might really enjoy the Tzar 350's then. Wizard says they are as neutral as possible. I take it that's what you mean by "Vanilla"? 
  If there's some serious bass in a recording, I've heard that the 8.a is perfect for when you want to homogenize your brain ;) (in a good way) :)      EDIT:    YAY! :D  The 5.0's are officially on Heir's website! :D
The Asgard 2 is designed to handle IEM's as well.  as for why... I personally would like to have a nice DAC and Amp that do everything... from IEM's to Orthos...
I feel like the best would be the Schiit Asgard 2 with switchable gain is probably the best schiit amp for IEM's in general... 
Nice!! Also, did anyone else get their hands on the 5.0? Does Anyone want to write a review on them?
Beautiful. I love the color combination.  :)
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