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Any word on when the SD4's come out? I've decided that I will wait and buy those when they do... :) 
If yuo don't mind, what's the name of the little amp you've got connected to the SD3's?
  TF10 is darker if you use the mids as the reference point, but I think it's more accurate to say that the TF10's are a very V shaped sound signature.    The bass and treble are elevated, and the mids are recessed. I've slowly grown to dislike recessed mids, and instead prefer a close to flat sound signature with bass extension. You could say I've matured from being a bass head, to learning to like treble (and the V shape), to now finally enjoying and really appreciating...
What do we expect the SD4 to sound like? I'm hoping for something in between the SD 2 and SD 3.
I blame autocorrect! ;)
This review alone has convinced me to buy the StageDriver 3.    I just have to scrape together some money, now :P    Thanks for taking the time to write it! :) 
I go away for a while... and I come back to all this drama, torches and pitchforks. What the hell happened here?! o__o
  You can assign equalization presets to each song in iTunes - then, when you sync them over, the custom preset is stored in the metadata for the song, and your nano will EQ on a per-song basis automatically.    And to lower the treble, there is a bass boost EQ that might help you out.
For those of you who might be interested, I found InnerFidelity's measurements on the Ear Pods. Take a look:   That huge bass rolloff is why I can't hear the bass drums on the track Barbossa is Hungry (Pirates soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer)    Notice, however, that the MidBass and Mids are nicely balanced, though the mids are a bit forward in relation to the highs. The reason they sound so smooth, and still...
I'm pretty sure, that with 90 Ω impedance, the Tzar 90's would benefit quite largely from some amping. As far as amps go, it all depends on his budget, but he will need one to get the most out of them.
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