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Mother of God! that price tag on the hugo made me piss myself :o  Hmm, okay the Meridian Explorer seems pretty nice. Still a bit out of my price range. I'm wondering about the JDS Lab C5 or C5D. If I go the C5 Route, how good should my internal DAC be? I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro. I've heard the iPhone is actually a really nice source. No idea about the Macbook Pro.
It's designed so that either side can face your mouth.  Advantage: works with headphones regardless of whether they have a port on the right  or left.    Disadvantage: it will pick up some ambient noise.
Can you use your C5D from a desktop/laptop without wearing out the battery (i.e., will usb power constantly charge the battery, or is there a bypass circuit built in so that the battery stops charging at 100%) and then having it ready to go when you unplug for travel?
So, if the M100 cable works, do you think I could get this: and use it for gaming? And then get a "no controls" M100 cable for amping? :)Also, those of you interested in a 3.5mm to ¼" adapter might want to check this out: Also, does anyone have a a portable DAC/Amp to recommend for these? 
Im so so sorry :(  *internet hug*
Quick PSA for anyone who's interested... Bang & Olufson put a special limited edition for these on sale for $200.   There are 8 of them left at the time I posted this. (Having already demoed and loved them, I went ahead and bought one. For $200, these are a STEAL)
86.4 lbs  79.3 lbs 91.1 lbs
I'm still patiently waiting for the Live Pro 4 upgrade, and the SD4's to be released.  I want something that has better highs, and based on the description of the Live Pro 4's.... the SD4 would be my dream IEM. 
That's exactly what I'm hoping for. :) Also, does anyone know if the Noble Audio Cable will work with these?  (scroll down on this page)'s a $40 quad-braided audio cable, with a two-pin connector. 
 This is awesome news! The SD4 will likely be my first big IEM purchase in a while. 
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