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Also, if anyone is wondering, I've attached the measurements made by Innerfidelity on the H6...   :D What I really love about this FR Chart, is that it is VERY similar to the Sennheiser HD 600s, which are considered neutral. Interestingly enough, the H6's seem to have a stronger subbass compared to the HD 600's. However, there;s no waviness in the 100-200 Hz mid bass region like the H6 has. The reason for this is that the H6 lowered the response of the frequencies that...
For this headphone, I would suggest the good/warm/unbelievably beautiful. It would compliment these really nicely.
 I did read a review that said these totally benefit from it :)  http://www.headfonia.com/bo-beoplay-h6/2/Check it out :)  That;s not to say they absolutely NEED it. :) They do sound perfectly good on their own.
You guys might laugh at me for this.. but I got the JDS Labs C5D.. and decided to amp these just to see what would happen. The upper range clarity really opens up a bit. :D Don't worry, though, I bought the amp for my B&O H6. Not exclusively for these :) I just had to satisfy my curiosity. Also, when amping these, DO NOT click the volume buttons on the headphone inline mic. :P You will probably damage them if you do.
 I'll quote this from a trusted expert who elucidated where/why an Amp is used.So, in short, it's not required, but the benefits can be huge, and it only partially has to do with how easy something is to drive. :) Sensitive headphones, such as these, *can* benefit hugely from amplification. Does that mean you need it? no. But it does mean that it will improve their sound greatly. :)
 Hey John! I got my Red/Silver C5D that you sent me! :D Thank you so much! It sounds amazing. And great explanation! It cleared a lot of misconceptions I had about amps and when/why to use one :)
From what I've read on here, few IEMs will benefit very much from amping, since they are designed to be easy to drive. With headphones, most headphones, even the easy to drive ones, benefit from amping.
Can you use your C5D from a desktop/laptop without wearing out the battery (i.e., will usb power constantly charge the battery, or is there a bypass circuit built in so that the battery stops charging at 100%) and then having it ready to go when you unplug for travel?
Mother of God! that price tag on the hugo made me piss myself :o  Hmm, okay the Meridian Explorer seems pretty nice. Still a bit out of my price range. I'm wondering about the JDS Lab C5 or C5D. If I go the C5 Route, how good should my internal DAC be? I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro. I've heard the iPhone is actually a really nice source. No idea about the Macbook Pro.
It's designed so that either side can face your mouth.  Advantage: works with headphones regardless of whether they have a port on the right  or left.    Disadvantage: it will pick up some ambient noise.
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