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That's the main reason for the silence on this thread. Massdrop orders should be coming in the next 1-2 weeks.
Any comparison between the HEM6 and 8 vs the InEar SD2/3?
Are you still selling these? I'm interested!
They sound very similar to the PM3, with a little less bass and a little more treble, and a little less detail overall :) 
I recently just sold my B&O H6.    I'd bought them for $200 because I got REALLLYYY lucky when they were having a sale. I sold them for $300. XD Best ******* deal I've ever made.    I miss them a lot, but I have full sized speakers now... :)
Anyone who's owned the SD4 and Noble 5, how would you compare the two? 
Let me know how it all goes when you finish Tip rolling! :) I'm really curious about the SD4's and would love to have more information on them. 
 Once people get their ******* cables, formal complaints will be withdrawn. Until then... nope. 
It's out, and being sold now. I don't think anyone has bought it and/or tried it yet. I'm really curious about it, though. 
Keep in mind that not the entire SD series sounds warm. The SD 2 are reportedly neutral/balanced, while the SD3 are warm. I have no idea what the SD 4 sound like :P 
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