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Keep it to yourself....It is ground unicorn horn....Shhhhhh....
The Studio Six amp from ALO Audio is a sweet pairing with the HD800's!  
Thanks Michael!  Out of the box using Balanced 4 pin with the LCD-X's is very positive. This little box rocks! I am not going to do much critical listening for a few days to let it settle in. Then I can do some comparisons with the Moon Neo 430 and the ALO Audio Studio Six. I am also going to spend some time with the Pulse ∞ as a stand alone DAC with the other two amps and see how that goes. Lot's to play with!
They will save yours for last Jim...Ya know...Quality Control....
Infinity is in the house. 18 months from original order.                    
GO2 Beta with it's original siblings....Oh, that is a Pulse Infinity underneath... Update review up tomorrow.  
Here is a pic from today. The new SW22 on my HD800's. Amp is an ALO Audio Studio Six sourced by an Astell & Kern AK120mkII.  
Great wrap ups Amos! A great time was had by all! Good to meet you in person as well.  
At the moment, it is a beautiful shipping box sitting on my floor! I will get to it this weekend.
There is no "Best" amp for the HD800's. There are several incredible amps that each have their own particular character.Think of a range of high mountain tops . They are all incredible but each unique. None of them is the Best mountain top. yet each is a summit worth climbing. The Liquid Gold is the highest of the Cavalli "Peaks" as it were yet the hybrid Liquid Crimson is incredible with the HD800's as well. The Liquid Glass allows for a ton of tube rolling and adjusts to...
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