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I enjoyed the Vero demo. I also liked that there will be a way to buy the technology when I already have high end cables. Very cool!
Thanks Ras...I did notice it want to be fully warmed up to provide its best sound.
I probably have to post a ton to catch up to your pictures Rudi!
They are not going to take out the HD800's. However they are a strong $700 contender. Good balanced sound. Clean up top and solid bass. I like the styling and they are very light and comfortable for a long listening session. Thumbs up!
I would expect it to sell really well. Great sound, looks and functionality in a nice compact system.
The Fish and Chips were great!
This was a very cool table to look at. I did not get a listen. The small 2 channel speaker and integrated next to it were cool too.
I should have my stuff up tomorrow as well. Just got home and on the road in 11 hours, so I will get things together in the hotel. I have a ton of pics.   BTW, The Alpha Prime's were wonderful. Dan has really stepped up the game.
The Geek Out 1000 does a very nice job with the HD800's. I am not sure if the 450 or 720 has enough power to run them as well.
I had a long listen to the Z7's and I really liked them. Very liight with Sony marketed varieties of Kimber Cable custom cables available. I heard the Z7's out of their new top Music player and out of the son to be released PH-3 portable DAC/Amp. Sony is back, IMO.BTW, the new PH-3 is fantastic as well. Coming out at around $999.....
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