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So I should be using SW for my XLR Cables? Frank you should have said something!
Good luck with it Let us know what you find.
I use a Mac. I am not experiencing this. I am using the Light Harmonic Lightspeed 10G cable though.
Yes, though remember it moves in 1/10 db increments so it does need some turning to move the volume a lot.
The LAu is a mountain top amp. There will always be something "About to be released at the next show." Few amps get released and maintain TOTL status for a long time. The LAu seems to have the where with all to maintain its current place for a good while, provided you pair it with the proper headphones.
My all black model is visually consistent with its color. I think the build quality is perfectly fine. They used aluminum so that the case is a heat sink for the units modest warmth. Any sonic perspectves need at least 150 hours. Remember that Moon recommends 300 for break in.
I still get around! 
Andre, Jan said the best word for his gear was "Honest". You nailed it.  
My Silver Widow 22.5's are XLR terminated. Nothing but good to say about them.
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