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The new KT120 and KT150 tubes are expected to last a few thousand hours. The system is not unlistenable during break in. It simply gets fuller as they get closer to that number of initial hours. 
Several of my Audio Research friends say those amps take 600 hours to burn in properly....For whatever reason, It does seem to take some time regardless of the device.
The 430 absolutely requires 300 hours. Until then you are not experiencing what it is capable of.
Welcome to Head-Fi and congrats on the DAC2! 
Looking at those Pics Paulo, I think there is a Silver shortage worldwide now! Awesome writeup. I love the 4 wire SW22. I have it as a SE cable to compliment my balanced SW25 SW's. I love having them both. I travel with the SW22 SE and use the Bal SW25 at home. Good to see the 8 Wire is hitting the TOTL mark!
The Studio Six is only overtly "Tubey" with the right tubes. It is excellent with the HD800's. It also pairs well with the LCD-X and Alpha Prime. I am well into my review and I am impressed at its verstility. I did roll some 6SN7's and a variety of 5U4G variants. Like different frosting on a great cake. BTW, the Phono Pre amp is fabulous too. The Dynavector is loving that amp.
It is a Headphone Amp and Van De Graff generator in one!
Love the Ultra SS's under your Berkley!
It is a noticeable upgrade. It is not 2X better though. You will get more definition and extension plus the ability to handle native DSD. If you go for the upgrade, spring for the additional Femto clocks too. Might as well max it out!
My LPS4 is on its way. Everything I ordered will be in house shortly.
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