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No idea...I would rather comment on quality vs quantity...
It is the best all a rounder I have used so far. I may have to see about keeping it.....
Spend enough time around audio and stuff happens...er accumulates...;)
I like the island you have settled on! Enjoy the bliss. 
Nice review by Brent! Nothing about the 430's Pre-amp capabilities other than mentioning they exist though. I liked the comparisons with the Sony and Goldmund.
Verb does not have a mute switch. There is one button that can be pressed for start,stop or to hang up a call. Double click to advance and triple click to repeat.
I have had good luck with the USAF-596 Rectifier's for some additional bass.
What a great way to start a Friday Morning!
So Warren, where is our Badge for the last CanJam?  
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