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No worry's Randy! The HD800's really bring the joy when combined with the right gear. 
Caution? I use Silver Widows with my HD800's. I have had them for a long time and they crush the stock cables. The Bass is better and the small gold content takes the edge off the treble. Great cables and a nice final piece of the sonic puzzle.
Hmmmmmm....Must be Audeze cans.......
They are highly regarded by many, but I have never used them
That's what Duck Tape is for...
The Silver Widow from Toxic Cables is a great match with the HD800's.
You get measurement objectivists that take over forums....They can't measure it so it cannot be real. Their loss!
I have not, but I may wander over. This morning I was listening through my Geek Out 1000 on my HD650's with stock cables....Then I switched to my SP's....Why I even keep the stock cable I don't know......
True, but I can't imagine listening through that 8 Wire rope of a BW he has! 
This version is a long time favorite!
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