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That was a total tease   ....You will have to wait for the short review...I am running it with LCD-X, Alpha Prime and HD800's and then JH16's and ACS T1's for IEM's. We'll see if my K10's and UE11's get here in time for the review.
Geek Out 2 (Prototype) in the wild.    
That would be a Larry question. The unit it basically the same dimensions as the GO.
It will be fully balanced atm it does not have a balanced output. Joys of playing with pre-production units. More details to follow as I get them.
Sound wise not yet. Fully Balanced, two gain settings, two filters, still all class A. No significant heat now with the new 3D printed vented chassis, etc.....
Did someone mention the Geek Out2? At home now and being reviewed!
I like the all black model. They all look nice though.
Try "More Baklava please?"  
And what does the referenced Balanced price out at?
I am just balancing things out for your tube collection....
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