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He was going to go Uber but the surge pricing made the jet a cheaper ride....
Brannan said you missed the private jet waiting at John Wayne. He was bummed but had to get going without you. He said the Waldorf suite is comfortable....
Yeah..Just finished another five nights out on the road for work...1350 miles and MANY hours with the K10's making it bearable.... 
So....you're saying they are comfortable?  Just making sure... Seriously, I can wear mine for hours. (up to 8 during some long distance travel) and they are still easy on the ears in their fit. The sound is always stellar.
A shoot out between the TotalDac and the DAVE would be Epic! Let us know if you get the chance!
Listen alone all the time?
Memorial Day is off to a great start.  
The ALO Audio Studio Six is missing from the greater than $3000 list. The best pairing with the HD800's I have heard. 
Black with red gets me every time.
New Posts  All Forums: