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IKR!! It almost seems like I never had it....I'll have to live with my other rig....1st world problems...
I asked while I was working with Gavin and Casey during the review process. I was curious about where i was in line and they looked up the number. I don't think they were planning on providing it to everyone. A bit manual I assumed. Anyway. I hold out a small hope for receiving the unit by Christmas. My LPS4 won't be here until spring....
I was #740 in the Queue and I ordered December 13, 2013. I am still waiting. At least I got to play with the Pulse for a few weeks to write the review!
Hard to say. I liked that they kept the front nice and clean. Once you press the volume know it cycles through Gain, Filters and a couple other menu categories. Easy to use.
The volume knob is also a menu selector knob. You press it to get to the menu area. From there you can select filters and what type.
[[SPOILER]] The AVA/Salk combo is terrific! I got a long listen at RMAF to a variety of AVA/Salk combo's. Great sound and a great value.
Remember that they have the GO100IEM version. It has a much lower noise floor and is positioned as an IEM specific version. Very quiet with IEM's  Red is GO 1000, Black is GO100IEM.
I finished that last week. On to The Great Hunt! I keep picking up details I missed the first time through.
I am reading the series again. This time I won't have to wait 20 years to finish it!
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