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My eyes do water after some of our conversations!
Rightfully so!
One of the things about SS VS tubes is you can leave it on all the time. My new Moon Neo 430HA barely gets warm. I have to make sure my Cary is turned off before I head out. A couple of times it ended up on for a couple days. Hate to waste the tube life that way!
The only challenge is that we are literally spread out across three continents. The Guru meet is hard to pull off! 
I would love to do that. and with the new Pass Labs amp as well.....The neighborhood is getting crowded with quality!
Actually, you would attempt to trade me lot's of cheese for it!  
So does that generator power the whole house or just one floor? 
It is a happy thing MV. I am not sure the review unit is going to leave my house.
You are welcome. 
HD800 vs Abyss 1266   Both are very detailed and fast. The HD800 has the best soundstage of any headphone I have heard. The abyss is good but not HD800 good for that. Bass is stronger with the Abyss, though at times, for me, I find it distracting to the rest of the frequencies. The HD800 is not perfect here either. At times I wish it was a bit more solid on the bottom end. However, it never distracts for me like the Abyss (or the other Planars for that matter)...
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