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They do make a positive difference. However, the benefits of these types of accessories are more pronounced with higher end more resolving gear. So you will find they add more value to higher quality systems.
That is a beautiful picture! Congratulations. 
The new 5.1 Gelato version.
I have not tried that. Next time I will see if that works.
I have not heard the Mojo with the NightHawk's but the iDSD Micro works very well.
Hmmm....The ViDAC and my Moon 430HA exhibit no hum. I have spent several hours just today enjoying the combo with my LCD-X's. Sublime in its presentation. 
+1 to this. That way I don't spend 2 hours refilling a 200gb card after using it for the new firmware. 
Hard to beat Stillpoints.....Awesome 
Sometimes you just need some DSOTM.....   SACD
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