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probably a bit early for a solid comparison.
I am looking forward to another great event. Also a lesson in time travel as 3 days will seem like an hour!
I will be there Ethan. Coming in Thursday. Can't wait!
Well, Open vs Closed so that is a bit of a design difference. I was very impressed with the Prime's at RMAF. Now that I have them in house and not in show conditions I really like them. Particularly at their price point. They provide some of the best soundstage for a closed can that I have heard. Extremely comfortable too. The LCD-3's are heavier but I do not see their weight as a problem. I have a wider soundstage with the 3's. Bass is deeper and more complete, but it is...
This is a pre-production unit. Dan usually shows with the Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass. That is the tube rollers dream amp. This is a hybrid amp using a single 6922. Retail units should be available by Early March of 2015. Either amp will treat the HD800's to a sweet ride!
Here is a great amp to use with the LCD-3's! I am really liking the synergy with the new Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson.  
LCD-3's with Nordost Hemdall 2 cables on the new Cavalli Liquid Crimson amp.   
LCD-3 and Nordost Heimdall 2 cables with the new Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson amp. Sweet!  
I am spending time with the Alpha Prime's and the new Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson. I am a happy camper!   Cables are WyWires Red Series
I am working out the LCD-X's with the new Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson. I am really liking this combination!   Cables are Nordost Heimdall 2's
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