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So I started on the Internet when it was Arpanet. We logged in with a Unix script via an acoustic coupler modem at 110 baud half duplex....     At least you could mess with your friends connection by lifting the handset and whistling..
The DAC add on is a strong implementation of the 9018. I would call it a bargain at $800. The stand alone gets to dedicate all the power supply magic that Moon is renowned for exclusively to that purpose. SO I would expect better performance. However, we are not going to hear massive differences at this point. The DAC add on is a very strong bang for the buck contender.
From what I read out of the white paper, they put a lot of that unit into the 430., They are very similar other than balanced outputs and a few more Analog inputs. I suspect that the sound would be very close.
Interesting none of the reviews have really reviewed the DAC or discussed the 430 as a Preamp.
OK...Edit....   Go to post #1 here and read Mickey's specs....   Carbon info found here...     The Pulse has a lot more power than the carbon.....
That is a great Sunday morning choice!
The Studio Six is a wonderful amp! I am putting it through its paces now. Here is a shot from this morning.   I am running Amarra 3.03 and iTunes via a MBP through my Wyred $ Sound DAC2 DSDse and a Light Harmonic 10G split cable. HD800's, LCD-X's and Alpha Prime's are in the mix. I also swapped out the 5AR4 for a USAF-596. Better bass plus it is a visual treat too!
We were having more fun than they were!
It is a good competition. I need more time for comparison. It is going to fun though!
Works just fine. The DAC is excellent
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