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48k FLAC
Audiophile specific subset for spellcheck
Wow, grammar lessons!    
There are many ways to convert to Analog. It is fun to give each approach a try.
You will appreciate the upgrade. It really is worth the price and keep the DAC current.
I am a committed SW22 fan. HD800's and LCD-X's. SW25's on the K10's.....  
Mine are for sale. Please see the link in my signature....
For Sale one pair of MrSpeakers Alpha Prime closed Planar Magnetic headphones with 4 pin XLR connector. They are near mint. The package includes the felt dots for adjusting the sound to personal preference. I never used them so they are unopened. They also ship with the included MrSpeakers headphone rack. If you need another connector besides 4 Pin XLR you can order from MrSpeakers or many other after market cable companies. Sorry, I am not interested in any trades. This...
Another satisfied customer!
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