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^ This....Loved the GL6922's. The RCA 5Y3GT was also a nice low cost favorite Rectifier.
Geek Out 1000 with Sennheiser HD650's and Toxic Cable Silver Poison's via MBP and Amarra 3.02        
Styx - Brave New World
Good luck with the options! If it is possible to fit things all in I am sure Steve will be happy to accommodate.
  Here was mine with the Maple base. Notice I had him install a SE Jack in the front.
No, I had the CSP2+. It was fantastic.
The Taboo was designed specifically for Planer Magnetic headphones. It is good with the HD800's but the CSP3 is better. I had both and used them together with the CSP being the pre-amp and the Taboo as the amp. That combo is wonderful as well. However, if you are a Sennheiser fan (or any other high impedance HP) then The CSP3 would be my first choice if you were only going to purchase one device.
The Dyna is a great all rounder. It can sail through Judas Priest then shift to Cassandra Wilson or Alan Parsons no problem. I think it is one of the great cartridge values out there.   I am partial to MC so I have not looked at the Black. It is highly regarded but I have never heard it. I have reached a nice balance point for the system and have been very pleased with it for some time now. Kin of amazing really, considering this hobby...
Here is my current rig....   I love the Dynavector 10X5 on the Scout. I am running the Cambridge Audio Azur 651P MM/MC Phono pre and I am fine with things atm....
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