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 Patience my Padawan....
I am working on one. However, I do not have an Yggdrasil for comparison.
I love the idea. That circuit and build quality with enhanced connectivity would be special. Not that I am complaining...  (As I sit here with the HD800's on enjoying the Studio Six)
Seriously?...These guys are always working on the next version....1.1 was the in room version. They certainly discussed ideas for future improvements and projects. That is what is great about smaller companies and creative designers. They are always striving for better. Which we love (because it sounds better) and we hate (Because we have to buy another model... )
There is no model beyond 1.1. Don't know where this came from. I was listening to the LT on the Ether-C 1.1 with Dan Clark standing next to me. It is the current model. There is a new prototype Electrostat version of the Ether. Perhaps that is the confusion.
ejong7, It was more a case of environment making detailed impressions impractical. While the LT was being listened to in a private hotel room, there were generally many people in at the same time and it was not a quiet room, at least not quiet enough for true deep listening. However, it is clear the LT has tremendous potential to be another TOTL contender. The Ether C 1.1's are also new for most people as is the pairing with the Audio-GD DAC Stillhart was kind enough to...
This is a beautiful addition to the line! I have always loved my silver poison's with my HD650's. Nice work as always Frank!
Well played... 
We were interrupted by a patron so I do not know. It would be a big retro so I am guessing if they implement them they would be new purchases. Never say never though. I know I would be interested.
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