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I have the SACD (I bought it when they were first issuing it on SACD. An,d I have original vinyl and a CD. The Vinyl is getting worn so, for me, the SACD version is my best sound quality. I am using a Denon DVD-5900 for playback. It was when released a top line SACD player.  The sound is exceptionally clean.  
I am waiting for the matching Noble Audio King Louie style shirt. We can be true fashionista's!
IKR!! Awesome treds! How does he do it? Genius!! 
Dinner and a show??!! Sorry I could not make it. Looks like another great time with good friends...Oh and some cool gear. 
Thank you! 
Who is your friend on the right John?
I am anxious to hear the Katana's at RMAF this fall. The K10's continue to be my primary reference CIEM's.  
DSD64 via Roon
New Posts  All Forums: