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We see you are a Headphone fan...Clearly you cannot resist another headphone purchase...Junk Bond status....
Agreed. I spent a lot of time with the Abyss using several TOTL amps and it would not be a can I would buy. 
I shot an e-mail over to LH about your video. I am sure you will be helped soon.
I have Park Avenue's that are 20+ years old. Shoe trees every night. Regular polishing and an occasional "Recrafting" at AE headquarters.
I liked the combo. The DAC in the HP-P1 is one I enjoy. I like the AKM chips. I also like tubes so the pairing was fun.
They did not specify which version. I started with the base unit then upgraded to the Xfi. I suspect that may have something to do with whatever number they came up with.
I would say yes...Talking about the Xfi....I wish I had a pair of HE-6's handy. The Pulse has great power, (3 or 4 watts...I can't remember which) and it is a strong all in one solution. It can also be a digital pre-amp for an external amp and speakers.
Tidal....Dynaudio Playlist
I have a 1G and a 10G coming. Maybe I should grab a 2G and have the set? 
IKR!! It almost seems like I never had it....I'll have to live with my other rig....1st world problems...
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