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Been there... Costs as much but audio gear won't pee on your rug.....
Saga of 7 suns was great. I like the work he has done on the Dune prequels too. I am just starting a new series by David Weber, the Safehold series....The premise looks good.
I just finished that. I love them as narrator's. It was amazing they were there for the entire WoT series too! I hope they make it through the other 8 books planned in this series.
Would that be a fit of Peak?
Yep! The more the merrier! That is what you meant, right? 
I just always had a fascination with it.
I did order the unabridged audio book....Being a long time Audible fan, I am comfortable I will have no troubles. I am also a historian and know the players, as it were. I'll get started once I finish Agincourt....
I have not. Who is the Author?
Slick idea! Nicely done.
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