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Thanks guys! It is a fun stack for sure.   The review is scheduled for September 7th on Headphone.guru. It is an outstanding vinyl rig. The Dynavector is a HOMC so no stress for the Phono Stage. As for my favorite headphone with the S6 it is the HD800. I used my LCD-X, Alpha Prime and Nighthawks as well for the review.
I have finished my review of the Studio Six for Headphone.Guru. It will post Sept 7th. After putting the review to bed I arranged with Ken to buy the review unit with the Phono Stage. It is my Tube reference now. Let the fun begin!  
Wolfson has the 8740, 8741 and 8742.  AKM has the AKM43XX series. Two different companies. Both great DAC chip series.
+1 to Zero issues with my Pulse Infinity. Great unit.
Are those bicycle handles sticking out of your ears?  
Love the look of the Mac MV....Nice!
I love my Studio Six....  Kidding.. Clearly out of budget.  If you could find a used Decware CSP2+ that would be a nice upgrade, low cost tubes and super sweet pairing with the HD800's!
It is worth the pain....
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