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The 10X series has always been a great bang for the buck. Plus it is in the sweet spot for the phono stage at 47k
Dynavector 10X5
A great weekend was had using the Phono Stage!  Wonderful device.  
No...I think Ken should send me some cables....
It deserves more profile TS, I use it regularly with my VPI. It also shows very well with the two channel rig. I run it through an all PS Audio setup (BHK Pre and BHK250 amp to my Vandersteen Treo CT's) That is a whole lot of tubes in that chain!
I have a red base that I have used. I liked it very much. My favorite for rectification is the USAF-596 with an adapter.  Mullards are generally excellent. I am using Brimars for the 6V6's currently. 
As always YMMV... 
Sonically, they are different but excellent. The additional Pre-amp benefits for the 430HA tipped in its favor for me.
The QP1r is excellent with the DT-1350's and the HD650's....No issue with volume. Plenty loud with either one. 
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