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300 Ohm HD800's on hi Gain I am at around 56.
Are you on low gain? On high gain with the LCD-X's I would not want to go past 40.
My solution was to buy both the S6 and the 430HAD....Problem solved...
That would be me. It is a wonderful pairing, but then the DS is a top flight FPGA DAC. I will have the memory player before long too so I should be set for a bit.
Any upgrades would be worth discussing with Steve. He will not try to sell you just for a quick buck. He really knows his amps and will give good council. I would recommend the Beeswax caps though. Sweet.   I found the amp to be excellent with dynamic. The HD-800's and HD650's both were great with it. The Taboo MK III was built as a Planar amp and the original voicing was done with the LCD-2's. I heard the final prototype Taboo MK III with Steve's LCD-2's when I visited...
I would call them, give them the unit's serial number and let them know the history as well as your current static challenges. If a unit has had a few owners I know I would send it in for my own piece of mind. The lifetime warranty, if available, is a useful tool as well. There are capacitors that will wear out at some point. Might as well see if you can get covered. No harm checking.
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