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I will alert the media!
Best headphone SET I have heard. It just sings with the HD800's.
Now Now.....
This personal attention is to get that last small advance in sound quality. Whether you hear it vs a non signature is going to depend on your other gear and your ears...
Extra special parts and attention by Larry. Basically it is a personally finished unit by Larry. I watched him work on a couple when I was at their shop last summer. Pretty impressive work.
I had two user error episodes with my JH16's...Not fun. Do you still have your K10U's as a backup?
I have no idea on delivery times. I have been very happy with the performance of my SS version. Seamless transitions between file types and resolutions. Great sound quality.
The HD800 and a great SET amp are magic. Get your tubes in order and it is a great way to listen to your favorite tunes.
24/96 AIFF
New Posts  All Forums: