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Pure DAC vs DAC/Amp so what I can say is that They were similar in extracting detail. I had the Xfi unit so I had the Femto's in both. I did prefer my W4S but I attribute that somewhat to familiarity and that it did have the Vishay's in place already. It was more precise. I am really interested to compare the infinity once it arrives!
Yes it does. It has a bunch of them! Vishay al the way!
When I upgraded my Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSDse to the Femto clocks it was very noticeable. I cannot imaging anyone regretting the Femto additions.
The Wizard, and Larry and JH and Schiit and Cavalli.....Geez now I am getting nervous and my Visa card seems to be melting!
What? I cannot imagine that?  I have to be very careful at CanJam in March!  
I am hoping they measure up. I am tired of sending Etymotic more money for crappy cables that split.
There are two versions coming out. One traditional and the other using the new 1/8" balanced connector we are seeing in the Astell & Kerns and a few newer DAPs'. I am getting the regular connector version as I do not have a device with the new balanced connector.
You can appreciate as a Wilson fan or any really summit-fi speaker listener that you have to have the set up right for "Your" sound to happen. My personal fav is the HD800's over all HPs. But as we are discussing here the chain and setup must match. I spent 2 hours with the Moon HA430 today with the LCD-X and LCD-3F as well as my HD800's the the Alpha Prime's. First, that amp, like the Liquid Crimson is very versatile. I did not have a bad experience with any of the cans....
I have a review pair arriving tomorrow that is 98% or more final voicing.
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