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Each exhibitor will have their own source situation. Bringing your own music in a variety of formats enhances the opportunity to have it played and most venues.
I found Mercer's secret stash he is brining to Denver!  
Andre you need to make the long flight and have fun with us this year!....Impulse trip?  
The Denon AVR-4311ci works fine with the HD800's. It can drive them to ear bleeding levels. I am listening to the combo now using my Denon DVD-5900 as a source via Denon Link.
At the last Axpona they had a Headphone area for the first time. It was located on the main level. There were several booths, including the Sennheiser booth, that had HD800's to use with a variety of Amps and DAC's. 
You will LOVE the CSP3!  Enjoy the new system! 
I have the Heed Canalot here for review....Just getting started. I am shooting for a November review on Headphone Guru...
Did someone say Silver Widow CIEM cables?
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