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Silver Widow/HD800 is a great combo. It is my reference set
150+ hours in, the Infinity is awesome!
True that! I can always use another great cable.
Yes, it will be my SS reference.
I will be at the July San Francisco meet and at CanJam at RMAF in October so good times are coming for the show circuit. It would be nice to be at more of them but they do take a commitment to be there.
I could not make it. I was registered and had my hotel booked, then I had to go to LA for business and that ended the trip for me.
Hifimanrookie, your friend Gilbert is in this Michael Fremer video from Axpona at 9:20 in.....
You are always welcome Paulo!
Welcome to the club! I agree with your description. Powerful is a good word. Looking forward to more of your observations!  
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