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My SW cables needed about 200 hours to fully settle in.
Clearly I cannot type today... I wish thee luck in thy quest for the holy and mighty 596! 
Studio 6 and Phono stage in route for review. My HD800's are salivating!
Gee, I have 2 pair of 586's here in the house!  One of my favorite rectifiers.
HA! I will try and cope as best I can....
I am looking forward to it myself! I should have the Pulse ∞ in house by the end of next week. So next weekend is the first opportunity to play with it. I am also curious to see how the DAC portion of the ∞ compares to my W4S and the internal DAC of the Moon Neo 430. Lots to do!
I was disappointed with the Verb. I told the LH crew my initial impressions and I guess even enthusiasts like they are cannot make everything work. I have a pair that I do use. They are fine for Audio books and for making phone calls. Music, not so much. There is no midrange. The finals are the same as the prototype I received. For the $39 backer price they are fine. I would not spend $129 or whatever the final retail is going to be.
Gonna be awhile. I have about 6 reviews in the hopper....I will chime in though.
The new chassis is about as wide as the LPS4 is deep. There is no other difference between the Infinity choices other than the case look and dimensions. The same board is inside both units.
I still have limited time with the Hugo. I would love more... The ALO piece was very popular so same challenge. The Infinity has a lot more power than they do. Very different DAC implementations too between all three. Fully balanced with the Infinity.....Considering I am using it as a desktop DAC/Amp I suspect the Infinity will make more sense for me. Awesome sound quality too.
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