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Awesome piece of gear!
I have a new pair of UE11's and they and the JH16's are pretty close for bass. They are a bit different in the highs. Fun pair to trade off listening time with.
BTW...Post 7000! Crazy.....     Here is the Wells Headtrip as an example of top dollar amps. $7000. One of a very few equal to the Moon in my experience.  
I just spent the day at the San Francisco Head-Fi meet (Headphone.guru coverage coming soon!) and there were several <$5k amps in house. An Evolution level one would not be out of place as the market goes upscale.
Kinda like us and the next new audio toy...
We would never see you again! Truly a lot of top of the mountain headphone awesomeness with that group. The Headtrip is a beast. Jeff produced an top level amp. As you experienced though, each has their particular points. The Neo is in between the other two sonically. 
They are two of the the three best I have heard with the Abyss. The third was the Liquid Gold. Plenty of quality power from all three. Specifically talking about the Abyss, the Headtrip was my favorite with them. 
Ethan, how do you like the N100H?
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