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I would call them, give them the unit's serial number and let them know the history as well as your current static challenges. If a unit has had a few owners I know I would send it in for my own piece of mind. The lifetime warranty, if available, is a useful tool as well. There are capacitors that will wear out at some point. Might as well see if you can get covered. No harm checking.
I still am a big fan of Decware even if I moved on. Steve builds great sounding gear!
Mine is totally smooth.
Sending it in the Decware for a re-certification was my first thought also Andre. These amps are generally very reliable but nice to get the warranty and a clean bill of health.
Kings of Leon - Walls via Tidal
I am using a pair of Jan Philips 6V6GT's. Best I have found so far.  
Cheap and available is a nice combination....
Sourcing NOS tubes is tough. When you find a seller who delivers stick with them.
Google says it is....
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