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Just go grab some Scotch Eggs from the Festival.....
Have they released a seminar schedule yet?
How about around Saturday lunch? Say 11:00 to 1:00 somewhere around CanJam?
I love that idea. I am sure there will be a nice selection of personal portable gar among all of us.  
RK60's need an adapter like the 596's. It is not the same adapter. Ask 2359Glenn about it.
Another great option are the Decware DM945's. They are designed to work with Tubes and run 94db. Awesome imaging and soundstage from a stand mount speaker using an 8" woofer so they run to 45hz.
Very tough choice there....Both are classics!
I am from Wisconsin...There can NEVER be too much cheese.....
My last Pizza location on Wednesday night....  Definitely not over rated!
Now you are just building your post count.....
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