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+1.....cold dead fingers....
Mine sounded different after 1.07 because I was able to load a pile of new songs on it!  
I am ready for the Apple announcement...BTS to the rescue!  
The K10's have the single best high frequency response of any IEM I have experienced. This was what first drew me in when I listened to the demo models. So far, I have not heard anything better.   As always...YMMV...  
+1... To each his own though.
My personal preference for the HD800's is generally a tube amp. I love my ALO Studio Six SET with them. Also my Cary SLI-80 works wonders with Sennheiser. I have some time with the Zana and I also found very good synergy with the HD800's.     Another lesser cost amp would be the Decware CSP3 Triode OTL. I really enjoyed my Decware gear when I owned the CSP and the Taboo MK II.    The HD800's also sound good with my Simaudio Moon 430HA but I tend to spend more time with...
I have had good success with the Silver Widow 22ga and the HD800's. 
Very helpful! Thanks! 
As a Mac guy I can tell you this os one area of annoyance. Somehow Mac's add a bit to the download. If you load the SD card from a PC it will work perfectly. No idea what is going on but it never works copying the file from a Mac and always works copying from a PC. 
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