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Interestingly, the Headtrip is my single favorite amp with the Abyss....It really drove them the best I have ever heard.   As far as the CanJam London lineup, I would go to that Head-Fi page and they should have the updated list on the first page.
Sorry about your wallet......
I grok the Spitfire analogy....   I have two systems. One is dedicated to Headphones with the Studio Six as the centerpiece. The other is a Headphone/Speaker system with the Moon as SS headphone amp/Pre-amp. I am covering my bases for both types of listening.  
Welcome to Head-Fi..... Your ears are yours alone. Everyone hears things their own way. That is why there is a lot of gear. I am not a raving fan of the Abyss. I am an HD800 fan. They are terrific via a high end SET amp. I chose not to hang on to the Abyss after spending a month with them and my SS reference, the Moon Neo 430HA. The Moon is awesome with both the HD800's and the LCD-X's. Others will disagree and that is OK. Their ears, their preferences. The LAu is also a...
I am glad I ordered my LH Labs stuff. Gonna be here a log time too.
I have listened to both but the sessions were too far apart to be valid. Both were terrific. I bought the S6......YMMV
Welcome to the world of personal audio (or Audio in general!) Everyone finds the things they each enjoy. Nice to have a lot of great choices!
The DAC is highly competitive with other DAC's in the same price range. Given the significant convenience factor it is a flat out steal for the quality you get.
I do not have the custom ALO cable that connects to speakers via one of the headphone jacks. My understanding is that, like all SET amps, you would need a very efficient pair of speakers. Given that, it should work fine.
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