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Very tough choice there....Both are classics!
I am from Wisconsin...There can NEVER be too much cheese.....
My last Pizza location on Wednesday night....  Definitely not over rated!
Now you are just building your post count.....
Now I want Pizza for breakfast!
Well, Sub/Sat can work great. I also have a pair of Decware DM945's ( ) that pair beautifully with the 80. They are an attractive classic bookshelf, but they have 8" woofers so they go to 42Hz! They are also 94db so no sweat for the Cary in Triode. They image like crazy. Nice big soundstage.
Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
Stairmaster.......You must become the Stairmaster.....
Nice! Ortofon makes great cartridges. I am very pleased with my Dynavector 10X5 on my VPI Scout 1.1. I have been a big Dynavector fan for years and it hits my sweet spot. I am glad you have found a good addition to your system!    
My son had that for our family vacation. Luckily they were amenable to changing his month on call.
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