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New Priest coming this year Nigel!!
The "Threat" of newer and better is always there in this hobby....I still use the HD650's regular...Great gear still sounds great even when a successor arrives.
That is a fantastic price....It may be expensive, but you will have them for years!
Any dealer is going to charge list. Sometimes you can find a good deal via Also, check with any local dealer about trading in another piece of gear. I swapped in a piece of used gear in near mint condition and got a nice trade in value.
HD800's kick *** for metal.....
It is like a bag of velcro exploded....
Thanks PalJoey! I am set with my reading lists for a while now!
I will have to check them out....Interesting premise!
I have not read them....Is Weber the Author?
I loved my CSP2+...I would love to hear the "Glenn Mod"!
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