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Good suggestions. I always power it off so I do not find I am out of battery before I want to listen. With the Cable on top coiled it seems to keep the AK in place.
Generally for SS gear my break in process is to hook up the device into the system, connect a lesser pair of headphones and let iTunes library run for a couple of weeks.while I travel for work. I used this same process with the Infinity with no problems. It had 300+ hours on it in less than 2 weeks and it has been a delight since I began to use it as a serious center piece in the system.  
Even though it is a tight height fit I love the supplied K10 case with the BTS and my AK120mkII. Portable and very safe.  
We can do that!
LOL!! I have to receive them first Michael!
We try and have fun here Leo. It is a more fun place as the Pulses are being shipped these days. Long wait for many of us. BTW, my Nighthawks were shipped to me today so it won't be long before I have them in house.
The Nighthawk is scheduled to be priced at $599 USD vs the HD650 at $499 so they are comparable in price. The HD650's are a forever favorite of mine. They are a permanent member of the collection. I am very interested to see what the Nighthawk does in its final form here in the man cave.
Leo, I don't think patience is possible when waiting for our shiny new toys!  
I spent an hour at RMAF with Skylar Gray, the lead designer. We were playing with the prototype.  I loved his approach to making them as "Speaker like" as he could as far as the listening experience. The four point floating ear cups were very comfortable too. I will have a review pair shortly and will fire them up with my Sennheiser HD650's as a price comparison, then see how they do against several reference cans. I am looking forward to that! As for my Infinity comments...
I have posted many times that I am very happy with my Infinity. I am interested in your Avatar. Do you have the Nighthawk?
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