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We have treats.... 
I am enjoying the QP1r with a variety of headphones and CIEM's. This is a great DAP!  
Astell & Kern AK120mkII, Questyle QP1r, Fostex HP-P1 with IPC, ifi iDSD Micro and IPC or some other source.
Nice write-up Dan! I almost did not recognize Moe without a pile of cables all around him!
Not sure you would necessarily move away. Tubes generally have a warmth to them. Usually at the expense of speed. Lot's of body. Plus you can roll different models pf tubes with the amp and adjust the sonics based on the tubes you select. It is a different, but not "better" as it were. It is another path to play with.
For me, Tubes are one thing and SS is another....Of course there are also Hybrid amps.....
Good luck with that....
Headtrip is SS, S6 is Tube so in my book they are different mountaintops. I loved the Moon for SS and for its incredible flexibility. I have no issues with the Headtrip. Jeff built a beast of an amp. We are going to catch up for dinner at CanJam RMAF in October. Ultimately, you really can't get all of them....(um...I keep telling myself that... )
Interestingly, the Headtrip is my single favorite amp with the Abyss....It really drove them the best I have ever heard.   As far as the CanJam London lineup, I would go to that Head-Fi page and they should have the updated list on the first page.
Sorry about your wallet......
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