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Great to see Moedawg140 at RMAF. Always a good time! Sam at Echobox was enjoying the cable collection!  
They were all at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (With me... ) in Denver. Everyone should be back in the office today. They were demoing their entire line including the new Perfect Wave Transport 2nd gen. The show was great and there were a few thousand people in attendance.
No idea on cost but their service team is very responsive. Give them a call.
    No surprise to any of us QP1r owners!    Congratulations!
Good tunes can make things OK....Great therapy. I practice music therapy often!
'Bout time you got your self back into the game!  
Now in for review the Simaudio Moon 230HAD Dac/Amp. Time to queue up the Toxic Cables Silver Poison's and the Sennheiser HD650's!  
24/192 AIFF
It has a very organic and non digital sound quality
New Posts  All Forums: