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I prefer a brisk walk...Then a long stop....Then Uber...
Mine was a Diet Pepsi... I have to watch my figure...
OK...Fine....Here is the incriminating photo...   Wata treating us to Chinese Saturday night at CanJam!   A wonderful and gracious host. A good time was had by all.   
This is a family web site....I must resist
The first 2 hours have been wonderful...
Welcome to Head-Fi! Sorry about your wallet...
No question the whole chain matters. I am single ended with the HD800's and Balanced with the LCD-X's.
Ah...You have identified his natural state!
(idly looking at random CanJam photos.....) What? Hmmmm? Someone does not frolic? 
The Silver Widow SW22 is my personal favorite. Others may offer their opinion. YMMV. 
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