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HD Tracks 24/192 AIFF
+1 to potential controversy. High end gear can benefit but I do think of cables as the icing on the cake and not the meal. They won't make a poor system sound good.   Toxics are beautiful cables so I do enjoy the visual enhancements as well.
Here are my Toxic Cables Silver Widow SW22's. I have used Toxic Cables for years and they have been excellent.  
  Here are the SW22's and HD800's with my Ultimate modded SLI-80.. 
Here you go.... 
My Toxic collection is growing nicely....
Gee...anyone see who those are for?   Looks like me!!     Thanks Frank. I can't wait for to upgrade the LCD-X's!  
24 bit WAV
I could not begin to guess at how many hours mine has. Still works like a champ though!
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