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Current flavor of the month. I do not doubt they sound fantastic.
That was not my review. I have never used the Heron. Generally, I have found the HD800's are at their best with tubes for my own listening tastes, The Decware amps, Bottlehead Crack, Eddie Current amps all show well with the HD800's. The Simaudio Moon 430 and the new Questyle Audio CMA600i are examples of SS that work well with the HD800's.
At the higher end the ALO Audio Studio Six is a fabulous match with the HD800's
If you leave out the silica pack over time you may have several more interesting colors.... 
Only at Axpona at Ken's booth. Great first impression. My issue with IEM's is fit. My right ear is a tough one to seal properly for some reason. So, generally CIEM's are more interesting to me.
I am very impressed with the W60's. I am more of a CIEM fan but these will be my go to IEM's.
Westone and Questyle is a sweet pairing.
QP1r with the Westone W60 IEM's...  
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