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Welcome to the view from a mountaintop. At this level of headphone enjoyment it is imperative that a person listen on their own and not rely solely on opinions. I have had the Abyss and HE1000's in house with the 430HA-D I own the HD800's and the LCD-X so I get plenty of time with them and the Moon. I have also gotten a fair amount of time at shows with the LCD-4's. While I can comment on what I have heard, I would not want to characterize any of them as definitively...
It is a solid DAC. For the money it is exceptional.
AQ makes great cables. I use a lot of them.
May your fortune cookie crumble....
Hmmm...Reaching slowly for the upload button......
What you get with Simaudio Moon gear is more depth, clarity and space as you move up the line. When you hear the Neo gear it is terrific for the price. Then you get to the Evolution line and while it is more xpensive it has a more dramatic and impactful presentation. Even within the Evolution line there are a couple of levels as well. At each point you get more than fair price/performance value. 780D anyone?
Ha! I hear ya... No, you cannot upgrade the 430HA DAC to the 380D. The DAC board for the 430HA has the same DAC and surrounding circuitry as the stand alone DAC but without the higher quality independent power supplies. The 380D is another level and is priced accordingly.
Dang kids! Get out of my bedroom!    
What?...um....sorry, must have dozed off.....
The 430 never sounds slow or lack punch. It is a reference device.
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