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Mine are years old and I do not treat them like they are delicate. No scratches so far.
The IHA-1 should be sufficient for the LCD-3's. Frank I has a thorough review on
Given the low stand by power usage, Moon does recommend leaving the unit on.
It was one of my favorite review's! Sweet amp!
Thanks Steve! I will get some time in this weekend.  I also got the BTS unit so will be playing with that over the coming weeks with all the phone time I have. My UE11's are going in for a minor adjustment. Waiting is hard!
I intend to Michael!
Got  my K10's today. Early impressions are really positive.   
I have owned the Taboo MK III and have spent time with the IHA-1.  Both use 5U4G variants for Rectifiers however, they differ from there with the Taboo running a Trio of 6922/6N1P's for input/output tubes vs the IHA-1 using a pair of 6SN7's. The Taboo has more power and was built to be optimized for Planar Magnetic (Specifically the LCD-2) headphones. I got to listen to the prototype of the Taboo MK III at Decware with Steve's own pair of LCD-2's. The IHA-1 is likely more...
The new KT120 and KT150 tubes are expected to last a few thousand hours. The system is not unlistenable during break in. It simply gets fuller as they get closer to that number of initial hours. 
Several of my Audio Research friends say those amps take 600 hours to burn in properly....For whatever reason, It does seem to take some time regardless of the device.
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