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Tough room!
You will love the JH16's. They are an excellent CIEM. 
I agree. A nice find from my morning Roon session.
UE has just retuned their Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors. Also, JH Audio has redone the JH13's with their new 4th order crossover's and the 15dB bass boost from the Siren Series. It is a tough call. The JH13 V2 will be more flexible in usage due to the Bass boost.
D? We don't need no stinkin' D.....
The HE1000 and the HD800's are similar in size. That space gives some wicked soundstage though. Both are pretty lite too so do not let the size stop you from trying them.
Yes... Catch 22. So space vs clarity/Speed? HD800/HE1000 vs Audeze/Abyss....
 Going to have me hoist my own petard eh? For me it is a fight between the HE1000's and the LCD-4's. For me this is also a question of value. I am on record as believing the Abyss is amazing tech that relative to what it provides is somewhat overpriced. Is it a TOTL HP, yes. Worth $5k relative to what else is out there at less, IMHO no. But that is purely my personal perspective. Others have clearly felt it was a worthwhile purchase. Hence my previous post about trying...
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