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I resemble that remark! 
I did not have a really high end Phono Pre previously. I had a smaller Cambridge solid state unit. So the Phono Stage is a big upgrade in sonics. I would enjoy doing a comparison with something more robust. We'll see what comes in the door for review this year.
I have the Phono Stage and have used it for about 18 months with my VPI Scout 1.1 and Dynavector 10X5. I like it. The match with the ST6 is excellent as you would expect. When I use it for two channel it is an expensive total unit since the ST6 is the power supply for the phono Stage.    
I have a black ST6. I also have the Phono Stage that I use with my VPI Scout 1.1 and Dynavector 10X5. It is a beautiful combination.You could certainly use another Phono stage via any of the 3 inputs. 
Ethan, have you reached out to Mytek? Looks what they just unveiled....
Happy New Year Frank!
I agree Amos. I tried several combinations and this works for me. Magic with the HD800's.
And to you as well my friend.  
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