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Actually, it is a bowl of Cottage cheese. I did not find a picture of lumpy spoiled milk in the 1 second I spent piling onto our milk discussion.
I have navigated the survey and confirmed all of my perks from the 18 months I have participated. A bit convoluted, but it seems to have worked as intended.
I only see 90 on the National Geographic channel....
If I had a ref 5 se I would not use this as a pre-amp!   I would expect the Mytek to pair well with the 430. Though I would also expect the internal DAC card to give the Mytek a good run for the money. I am using an LCD-X and  Alpha Primes' with it and they are working beautifully. So I would expect the 560 to work well. All m y Sennheisers love the 430. I have not had a bad pairing yet.
I did A/B the DAC vs my Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSDse. It was close but the W4S had more clarity and smooth decay. The internal was excellent though. I have used it with USB,analog and balanced inputs. All were excellent. 
Different mountain tops. The LAu is a superb top level amp. It has power to spare even for the HE-6's. when paired with the right DAC (which often depends on the HP's you are using) it will give a wonderful presentation. Alex Cavalli design's his amps to sound like "Nothing" I feel he has achieved this with the Gold.  Compared to the Neo 430HA I think the LAu has slightly more low end. The 430 has midrange to die for.  Both can handle any dynamic or planer...
The 430 will have no trouble with the Abyss... 
Simon, I am really interested in your thoughts after you get some burn in time with the 430. It really starts to bloom between 150 and 200 hours. It finally settled out at around 300. Since then it has been a joy. 
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