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Welcome to Head-Fi dotty43! Sorry about your wallet.....   There may be something to the silicon survivability issue. I have developed an intermittent short in my T1's high frequency BA for the left channel and will have to contact ACS to send them in.    The silicon comfort factor is fantastic. I can wear them for long stretches and never experience fatigue. I appreciate being careful with them. Given their cost, I tend to baby them anyway.   Best of luck with your...
A big shout out of Thanks! to Project86 (John Grandberg) for the long term loan of his Silver Poison CIEM cables.       It was fun comparing them to my Silver Widow CIEM CABLES with my JH Audio JH16 Freq Phase's. The SP's are still my favorite with my HD650's and stood tall next to their kin the Widows.    Here is John's latest headphone review for...
Custom gear takes time. I have had custom amps take longer than Toxic cables. It was all worth it!
LOL, I Know!!!  
You two being a pain in the ass has nothing to do with being customers.....
In honor of the World Cup Victory!  
I like the Basic Black! Great looking amp....As usual Glenn!  
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