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Considering we put only our e-mail and phone #'s on the entries, I would expect an e-mail in a week or so.
You know where the fun times are! 
I though that was Scott's job!... 
Looks like I scored with the iFi Micro iDSD! Sweet!  Thanks again to all the companies donating to the contest!  
Thanks Casey, I am looking for more outlets to spread the word. Interesting timing as I was close to pulling the trigger on the mAmps from W4S. I may need to "Keep" my options open...
Second that sentiment Brian! Very generous of them! 
Given that the source was different and I was using Audeze's rather than my HD800's I am reluctant to pontificate beyond a nice thumbs up for Dennis always fine work. I spoke with Drew about the amp and he is pleased with its performance and feels it punches way above its price point. No argument from me. Considering the price for the SLI-80 or the CAD-300, the Inspire is a great value.
I thought it was excellent. But then I have aa Cary SLI-80 at home for my primary HP amp so I am a big Dennis Had fan.
It is an all time favorite. Fun to play it every once in awhile.
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