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24/192 AIFF
It has a very organic and non digital sound quality
I think it is scheduled to post Oct 1st.
I have been enjoying Franks great work for several years now @Kiats. They are my reference cable of choice.
Finishing another review for Guru. This one is for the Questyle CMA600i DAC/Amp. As usual a heavy dose of Toxic Cables will be represented. The LCD-X's and HD800's are at their best with the Silver Widow SW22's.
I would only charge the QP1r via a wall socket. Many laptops do not have enough power from their USB ports to fully charge the player.
Time to re-energize a bit. The Torrey's firmware and the Bridge II Roon compatibility have really widened the capabilities of the DS. Performance is really stable and the DAC portion provides a significant quality enhancement to standard 16/44 mp3's.
As I said...you need a bigger desk!  
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