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Zach uses Decware at the shows. Hopefully someone can chime in regarding electrostatics.
Gotcha....   I have no idea. It is an excellent amp with Planar and Dynamic headphones.
The Taboo is not an energizer and cannot be used with electrostatic headphones.
Axpona's Ear Gear room has come a long way from its first year. Still not nearly as comprehensive as CanJam. However, it is now a good destination. Plus, like RMAF, you get the rest of the larger 2 channel show.
I resemble that remark! 
I did not have a really high end Phono Pre previously. I had a smaller Cambridge solid state unit. So the Phono Stage is a big upgrade in sonics. I would enjoy doing a comparison with something more robust. We'll see what comes in the door for review this year.
I have the Phono Stage and have used it for about 18 months with my VPI Scout 1.1 and Dynavector 10X5. I like it. The match with the ST6 is excellent as you would expect. When I use it for two channel it is an expensive total unit since the ST6 is the power supply for the phono Stage.    
I have a black ST6. I also have the Phono Stage that I use with my VPI Scout 1.1 and Dynavector 10X5. It is a beautiful combination.You could certainly use another Phono stage via any of the 3 inputs. 
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