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I have never had that experience with the GO1000.
When I get a pair I will try both options.
Barely, unless I crank it...What is the point of that? I don't listen at that level ever so it is not a problem.
It has not bothered me with the JH16's. Once the music start I cannot hear anything in the background.
Frankly, the HE-6 would be fun to try. I want to see what Preproman has been shouting about.... I do not know what the power output is from the HP SE jack on my SLI-80. I will have to drop Cary a note and see if they have measured it. 
Ha! Slippery slope if ever there was one....
I wish I could hear any HiFi-Man HP's....No one near me has any. Some day I will get some on my head.
They are the signal most immersive Headphone I have ever heard.
I can appreciate not having access to Woo gear. I managed to make it to Axpona this Spring and took my HD800's with Toxic Silver Widow balanced cables with me. I spent a bunch of time with the WA22 and it was a wonderful pairing even with stock tubes. Great sound and very Steampunk....I liked it.
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