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Using those tubes would be like owning a $10,000 bottle of wine.....How do you decide to use them (Or drink the wine) since they are finite resources?
I grew up with that style of music living in the Ozark's of Southern Missouri. Great soul in that music.
I cannot answer that one. I used Golden Lion 6922's in place of the 6N1P's for the L/R and left the 6N1P in place up front as suggested by Steve. Loved the sound!
You have to keep a sharp eye out on eBay or the for sale forums. They vary from $75 to $200 depending on the moment. I got mine for much less. All of a sudden they went up in price almost overnight. Crazy. The RK60 is another cool choice that is similar in sound characteristics and can be had for less money. You will need another adapter for that one as it does not use the 596 adapter.
LOL! I never thought to try!
One of may favorite from that specific era would be the Dave Brubeck classic, "Take Five"  
I thought the point was acoustic music that was amazing when using the HD800's. If you are going to limit this thread to a specific window of time for music, it will die out fast. Buckingham may be a "Rock Star" as a member of Fleetwood Mac, but his solo albums are more eclectic and not Arena Rock faire. So, try this one with the HD800's.....
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