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My son had that for our family vacation. Luckily they were amenable to changing his month on call.
I am out Monday as well.
I get in Friday at 10:50
I have the whole LL set around the archive somewhere......
I will be there. Looking forward to my first RMAF.   BearFNF, any room in the van from the airport?
You can find a used pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Sig II's if you hunt for around $1200-$1500.....
Not sure the Leben can handle your Paradigm's as well as the Cary.....
No worry's Randy! The HD800's really bring the joy when combined with the right gear. 
Caution? I use Silver Widows with my HD800's. I have had them for a long time and they crush the stock cables. The Bass is better and the small gold content takes the edge off the treble. Great cables and a nice final piece of the sonic puzzle.
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