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I like the all black model. They all look nice though.
Try "More Baklava please?"  
And what does the referenced Balanced price out at?
I am just balancing things out for your tube collection....
Sneaky fellows.....
Actually, it is a bowl of Cottage cheese. I did not find a picture of lumpy spoiled milk in the 1 second I spent piling onto our milk discussion.
I have navigated the survey and confirmed all of my perks from the 18 months I have participated. A bit convoluted, but it seems to have worked as intended.
I only see 90 on the National Geographic channel....
If I had a ref 5 se I would not use this as a pre-amp!   I would expect the Mytek to pair well with the 430. Though I would also expect the internal DAC card to give the Mytek a good run for the money. I am using an LCD-X and  Alpha Primes' with it and they are working beautifully. So I would expect the 560 to work well. All m y Sennheisers love the 430. I have not had a bad pairing yet.
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