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Icing on the cake basically.
ifi iDSD Micro is another great portable option with the Primes. It is part of my regular travel rig.
+1 This....
The Infinity is great with the X's via Balanced
The Lightspeed 10G is amazing.....Best cable I have
I love your comments! Considering your reference 2 channel system I can completely understand your enjoyment of both the HD800's and the LCD-X's. Each provides the reference sound for audiophiles who enjoy soundstage and depth. Given your ARC gear (I love ARC with Vandersteen) I would expect your reaction to favor those cans. A few of my friends have told me that the X is more HD800 like and I should get the 3's for variety. No thanks. The X's have their own character yet...
Alec, I love the 430HA with the LCD-X's using the 4 pin balanced cable. Great synergy. Remember that the 430HA does need a good 300 hour burn in. The character will evolve over the first 150 hours fairly dramatically. It is interesting to experience. I would advise not making any sound quality judgements until then. Still great out of the box though.
I never could get into the 2's or 3's. The X's I really enjoy. Different strokes as they say. Glad the LCD-X's are in my collection.
CanJam was terrific! We need twice as much time between friends and gear!
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