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yggy was really interesting at RMAF. I am anxious to get my hands on it after release.
Retail is projected at $159. You can still order at $39 via the IGG page:
That explains it. See if you can get one from Fostex.
Certainly. I am working on my preliminary review atm.... The very is comfortable for long sessions. The phone and mic controls work perfectly. Callers can hear me clearly during conversations at highway speeds in the car. Lots of good bass and highs.  Remember this is a pre-production unit and I am in contact with LH Labs. It needs some adjustment in the mids. They have a tendency to be overwhelmed by the lows and highs. it do not expect this to be a big deal for them. I...
They should not be able to keep it. it is sealed in the box with the unit.
The LH Labs guys went to a meet in late December and brought one of the Modded Xfi's. The impressions were strongly favorable vs a number of other top amps and DAC's. Given the experience of the attendees this bodes very well for us.
Review is up...Check the link in my signature.   More photos of the Crimson:
I loved the CSP2+... Great little pre=amp and Headphone amp. Particularly with higher impedance cans. My HD650's loved it.
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