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That's a party! I love the 596's! 
After they have been in for a bit the silicon will soften as it heats up. I find this makes a good seal easier. If they are cool initially they do not seem to seal as well.
A couple of things ( 3 really!)...First happy people rarely post about their lack of trouble. So generally any product forum will be disproportionally negative. Second, the green rings are filters to help prevent ear wax from getting too far into the IEM's. Replace as needed. Third, I leave the little humidifier bags in the case so when I put the T1's away they can be dried out that way.   If you do need service I have found Adam Rhodes from ACS to be very responsive to...
David, they are $699 each plus the bases at $207 for a set of 3. More than I paid for the amp!   Paul at Stillpoints is an old friend and he loaned me a bunch of gear to demo for some reviews I am doing. I also have a set of four of the Ultra SS units ($995) under my MacMini...   I am also reviewing the Light Harmonics Lightspeed USB cable (In red)    Lot's of gear rolling through at the moment.
I have not had any significant trouble. I do change out the filters occasionally when they get clogged. I have not had to clean them externally.
Thanks Andre! I had fun at CanJam messing with the Summit Fi gear but most of us are not going to be buying that stuff. Jan makes gear that does a great job and you can actually own. In my mind it was a SS version of Decware.
Glad you like the review guys. I sure had fun writing it. Jan was great to communicate with as well. I am a big "Value" guy and he really fills the bill. Great bang for the buck...(or Pound, etc.. )   Eric
I had a lot of fun reviewing the pair. Great gear at a great price!
My review is up for the Corda Classic and the DACORD on
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