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If you are referring to me I own no Schiit gear. I simply asked Jason the question about DSD at RMAF and that is what he said. Rumor mill all you want they simply are not interested in supporting DSD as a minority format.
Jason and Mike have been very clear that with 99% of all digital music in PCM format they have no interest in worrying about DSD conversion. Schiit will remain non DSD.
K10's are a great compliment to the LCD-X's. I assume the Encore's would be as well.
Toto IV - SACD
Two is better than none though....
Naturally I must get the K10E now.....
Just run down to your local audio store and pick another amp up...Oh wait...Never mind...
+1 to that! 
Both of the new amps sounded wonderful. The intended price points are reasonable too.
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