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Great to hear... Welcome to the K10 club!
Nice! I loved the movie that prop was in. A classic Sci-Fi!
It is a ridiculous piece of gear too. A full linestage as well.. Incredibly versatile.
I concur Michael. Two flights to get home and the K10's made the time fly by!  (Pun intended!) Great to see you again too!
Noble Audio K10 CIEM's are a great compliment.
They were being cagey about it. Stax Japan leaked the new ones the day before so I asked about that and Tats fessed up and let me listen to them. BTW, Great to meet Ben. Always a treat to meet another Eagle Scout!
It was an impressive room. I spent quite a bit of time there.
I was listening to it on the same 727 that the 009 was plugged into. It has a smaller soundstage than the 009. Similar detail and presentation. I bet they sell a bunch of them.
They took the tech from the 009 driver and reshaped it into an oval shape. Expected price point around $1500 USD.
For those that missed it... The Stax SR-L700:      
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