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(Note to self...Never answer questions immediately after getting out of bed..... ) Yes it does power the GO.  I am currently listening to Lyn Stanley's Lost in Romance. DSD64 files (Note the blue light on the GO). The MacBook Pro is controlling the volume. Everything is working well. As to sound quality, I need some time to review that. I have a bunch of travel today so I won't have much new to comment on for a couple of days.  The good news is that the LPS can work just...
Scary was the wait for the elevator. I used the stairs all day long. Much faster!
My understanding is that this unit (The X fi) is stock with no mods.
Several good questions coming from everyone. I have passed them along to the Geek team for clarification.
I have to use the LPS as they did not send the wall wart. So the review will be from that perspective. 
I love you guys! So do we carry the marriage analogy forward and say so far so good...  Ah, the romance of that!
I'll let you guys race...I am busy...
The first listen in the wild of the new LH Labs Geek Pulse...and it is brought to life with Toxic Cables Silver Widows!    
I find that in many cases people are not accustomed to waiting for either new gear or custom gear. We are used to walking into a store and walking out with what we want. Waiting through development and beta testing (in the case of a crowd funded product) or waiting for something to be built like a custom amp or cable causes a lot of frustration for some people. Emotions get frayed and off to the troll races we go.    One of the challenges with Forums. Has been since...
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