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Call me ishmael.....3000 words!!  
USAF-596 works perfectly with the 2359Glenn adapter.
Hotel is booked!
I had upgraded mine from the original Dac2 to the DSDse model. Finally moved on to the PS Audio DirectStream DSD Dac. Still, I have a soft spot for the W4S ethos. I am looking forward to your impressions of the new version! 
Zach uses Decware at the shows. Hopefully someone can chime in regarding electrostatics.
Gotcha....   I have no idea. It is an excellent amp with Planar and Dynamic headphones.
The Taboo is not an energizer and cannot be used with electrostatic headphones.
Axpona's Ear Gear room has come a long way from its first year. Still not nearly as comprehensive as CanJam. However, it is now a good destination. Plus, like RMAF, you get the rest of the larger 2 channel show.
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