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Stereo to Balanced. The AK240 has a balanced out using the 2.5 plug size. This allows a typical stereo 3.5 to plug into that balanced output.
It is tough to make these things since I am gone so much. This weekend came together at the last minute. We'll be thinking of you, Paddy!
That would be fun. The Marriott across the street has a really nice Italian restaurant.
Any ideas for a brief 2359Glenn get together? We could meet at the EGX area?....
David, I will be there Saturday and Sunday. I just got my room and tickets confirmed.
One of my favorites!
If I can make it I will only be there Saturday....
+1 to that....My Cary makes the HD800's sing for metal....Plenty of bass and the open soundstage is like being at the concert.
I am trying to make Saturday...We'll see how the week pans out.
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