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We need reports and pics when you can! 
1. No.2. FP is a way of aligning the sound so that the frequencies all reach your ears at the same time.
New week for the Cary....I added a trio of Stillpoints Ultra 5's and bases....The background get blacker..Very cool!   I also added a Light Harmonic Lightspeed cable to the mix with the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSDse... Stillpoints Ultra 5's with Base.
Considering we put only our e-mail and phone #'s on the entries, I would expect an e-mail in a week or so.
You know where the fun times are! 
I though that was Scott's job!... 
Looks like I scored with the iFi Micro iDSD! Sweet!  Thanks again to all the companies donating to the contest!  
Thanks Casey, I am looking for more outlets to spread the word. Interesting timing as I was close to pulling the trigger on the mAmps from W4S. I may need to "Keep" my options open...
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