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Thanks Yoga! Glad to get it published.
I hope you all enjoy the review. It was sure fun to write it!
I will take lots of pictures....
I thought you worked on all the Jackson 5 albums...
The Verbs were a fail.....I use them for Audio Books. Useless for music.
I can't even remember "The Lady in my Life".
For me, sibilance or shrill highs with the HD800's are a result of either a poor recording or poor pairing with the rest of your gear. I am enjoying the HD800's, Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSDse and the ALO Audio Studio Six at the moment and it is revelatory. Incredible balance. Clean and clear across all frequencies.  Whenever I have been exposed to highs that were not good, making a change of either the amp or DAC (or a couple times a cable) cleared up the issue. As always YMMV. 
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