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Can't wait. What a beauty!
[[SPOILER]] We want art house pics Paddy!
[[SPOILER]] Nice! How are you liking the Marantz?
I need to quit sleeping....Every time I go to bed I wake up and there is an addition to the campaign and I am hours behind....
When you back a campaign you are part of the development process, not simply a consumer. As such you deal with the inevitable delays just like all companies do. You are part of that team. If you are not interested in that level of participation then buy a developed product and pay full retail.
No...Between original vinyl, CD's the Blu-ray there I already have several versions....Oh, I have the Cassette of Breakfast in America from 1975 too!
Rudy will light up your woofers!
They are both the best versions I have heard. I am very pleased!
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