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When I have time I am going to enjoy the A/B comparison with my W4S DAC to see who wins. Epic battle will ensue!
Icing on the cake basically.
ifi iDSD Micro is another great portable option with the Primes. It is part of my regular travel rig.
+1 This....
The Infinity is great with the X's via Balanced
The Lightspeed 10G is amazing.....Best cable I have
I love your comments! Considering your reference 2 channel system I can completely understand your enjoyment of both the HD800's and the LCD-X's. Each provides the reference sound for audiophiles who enjoy soundstage and depth. Given your ARC gear (I love ARC with Vandersteen) I would expect your reaction to favor those cans. A few of my friends have told me that the X is more HD800 like and I should get the 3's for variety. No thanks. The X's have their own character yet...
Alec, I love the 430HA with the LCD-X's using the 4 pin balanced cable. Great synergy. Remember that the 430HA does need a good 300 hour burn in. The character will evolve over the first 150 hours fairly dramatically. It is interesting to experience. I would advise not making any sound quality judgements until then. Still great out of the box though.
I never could get into the 2's or 3's. The X's I really enjoy. Different strokes as they say. Glad the LCD-X's are in my collection.
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