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I find the SW's tighten the bass and extend the highs. 
You will have to e-mail Frank then. He can be a bit slow on reply. it is worth the patience. They are great cables.
Usually these standard CIEM connector version of the Silver Widows and other cables are available. Depending on which wire and length they will run $150 and up.
Did someone say Toxic Cable Silver Widows with K10's? 
Here are the K10's with Toxic Cables Silver Widows. 
Suit yourself....YMMV
Check the review in my sig....So far the Nighthawks are digging the Neo 430
They need at least 100 hours for the mid range to come out and play.
No question these need 200+ hours of break in. There is no point in forming a meaningful opinion until they are completely broken in.
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