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I've had my pair for about 5 days now and here's a little review I did.     Let me first start off by saying that I was not very impressed by the H-100 at all.  The highs were extremely bright and harsh and the mids sounded like they were coming from an AM radio but the bass vas good.  That said the H-200 is a whole different story in that its one of the best IEM's I've heard and had me putting down my HD600 and HE-400 for awhile which is hard to do.   The...
  I don't hear that at all, I hope it wasn't something wrong with the pair you had.  I do wish the decay of the bass was a bit more clean from time to time but that's the only so called flaw I hear but everyone's different.   I do like my HE-400 a bit more than the HD600 or at least I thought I did but after listening to the HD600 for about 7 hours today I really love the SQ and sound signature of them even more now.  With the addition of the silver cable I'm getting I'm...
  The sites been going very slow for me, I don't know if that's what happened to you but I almost posted again also.
After reading everything I could find on the Fidelio  S1 I'm really looking forward to hearing them, they sound like an IEM that I'm going to like a lot and its also going to be nice to see how the compare to the $250 T-Peos H-200 I'm getting for review.
    I'll be at that meet as well and it will be a good place to get info and try out some equipment, it should be a good time.
  I bet, and I think that I'm really going to like them from reading your review so it will be a painful moment for me as well but its all good because at least I'm getting to review them.  It will be cool to see how they stack up with the HE-400 and HD600 as I've now been converted to headphones and what they have to offer over IEM's.    I'm still going to get 1 or 2 more IEM's to have for jogging (when I can at least) and when out and about as I sold all them after...
  Mine when I get them are going to someone after I review them, they just haven't told me who yet.
I should be getting my review pair within the next week or 2 and I'm really looking forward to hearing them as it looks like they the fixed the problems I had with the H-100 with the recessed mids and at times harsh and sibilant highs. The H-200 seems like a very nice hybrid and at the $250 price point it also looks to be very well priced as well.
The silver cable I bought was made by a friend and it was a very reasonable price so I'm hoping it will be pretty good which I know it will.
  Yeah that's one of the reason I don't think its a sound signature I'd like a lot plus its on the brighter and leaner side (that's not to say its thin sounding).   My preferred sound signature is on the warmer side with forward detailed mids and a spacious presentation so the HE-500 is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.
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