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 So I assume it basically holds mk2.5 drivers as opposed to the original mk1s? Another thing of note that I must add, get a better amp than the LL2.
Watch out with, they have had many credit card breaches the past year.
This is a good reason why spending anything over $4000 is a bad idea.
  I chuckle everytime he pronounces Audeze.
I think the melt down functionality is very much worth while, it would make toasting my sandwiches a lot easier with the headphones on.
Gotta agree with Defq. Especially considering the fragile state of the headbands and irreplaceable drivers of the Omega.
False. Audeze LCD-2 (both Bamboo and Rosewood) was recently discounted by 20% by Audeze themselves and other dealers on Black Friday.
It may have been a Chinese businessman for all we know  
Excellent presentation/article. As an engineer, I really like the way he analyzed each flagship by those 9 metrics, however, I already knew the conclusions for a few of the flagships even before reading . Brilliant work, we definitely need more emphasis on these kinds of issues.   At the moment, major companies (*cough*, Denon, Ultrasone and others) think that headphones are "just" luxury products. I am not a millionaire, therefore I wouldn't be buying them for that kind...
You haven't had a great cable unless its radioactive to the touch (i.e., burn)*. That is when you know your sound is directly equal to sonic bliss and the quite present sapphire aura surrounding your head as you're listening.   Nothing can come close to it, not even the legendary Orpheus.         *Of course my life expectancy is quite degraded, but who cares when you have this level of sonic bliss.
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