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^That's the truth.
KG isn't a real person, and you guys should know better for spreading misinformation... KG is indeed the alter ego persona of Justin.
The issues you had with the Lambdas sound like the Mylar diaphragm was faulty and that is definitely not solvable. Yamas would only charge you an arm and a leg to replace them drivers.
It is worth mentioning the recent SR-009s imbalance debacles (imbalances that were solved simply by shipping on an airplane) and parasitic charge. In the case of parasitic charges, a few weeks/days of not using the headphone will solve imbalance once charge is gone. Humidity is also another factor that could damage drivers, however putting the phones in ziploc bag for a number of weeks could correct the problem. Spending $1000 on a headphone that has confirmed channel...
Once there is imbalance, it can only get worse..
And this is where I agree with you for the first time , if you read one of my earlier posts, the comparison is present and I believe it is in this thread.
How can you forget my avatar?
Yes and the exact same thoughts were going through my mind when I listen to them. Hated the LCD-2 and the HD650.
Thing about the LCD-X is that it has this beautiful treble without being bright/harsh (think HD800/ SR009). That is a huge plus in my book.+1. HE-6 has no where near the sub-bass presence of either LCD-3 or TH-900, they are quite frankly miles ahead. The LCD-X has a bit more but I believe the impact of the HE-6 is more refined.
I definitely do not want you to freak out! The LCD-X are indeed excellent but they do have less sub-bass presence than what the LCD-3 offers. The only other can that offers similar sub-bass and impact is the Fostex TH900. From my experience, quality sub-bass is the secret ingredient that allows you to rock out with headphones. For pop, the LCD-X is great and very detailed. It will also be very interesting to read your comparison on the HE500 vs LCD-X.
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