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Hows the bass ?
I choose the LCD-3 over the X whenever any bass-heavy, rhythm dependent music is on. Otherwise, for classical, smooth jazz, film I go with the X.
Yes, and I've seen him live!  
Anything from Eric Prydz especially when under his Cirez D moniker is great for testing your cans. Both the LCD-3 and TH-900 get an A+.
You gotta be kidding at those prices.. It makes the Stax SR-5 look like a once in a lifetime bargain.
Another SS-based amp that I feel should be recommended with the X and also the LCD-3 is the Phonitor/Auditor. It does an absolutely excellent job with powering them and I do not find anything lacking in the sound.
Wow, it is interesting to read these stories. I don't think any other audio company can even compare to Shure's support.
 The past few months I've experienced a variety of Stax and I've come to the conclusion that the best Lambdas are indeed the old Lambda Signature, LNS and Normal Bias SR-Lambda. I also like the 007mkI a lot better than the SR-009.
Too much information.
Hey Antonio, From what I know, they ran out of the drivers in March or so of this year. If you had contacted them a year ago you would have had a few drivers left. They also told me the hardware that was used to make the drivers is broken and it would cost too much to fix them..
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