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It may have been a Chinese businessman for all we know  
Excellent presentation/article. As an engineer, I really like the way he analyzed each flagship by those 9 metrics, however, I already knew the conclusions for a few of the flagships even before reading . Brilliant work, we definitely need more emphasis on these kinds of issues.   At the moment, major companies (*cough*, Denon, Ultrasone and others) think that headphones are "just" luxury products. I am not a millionaire, therefore I wouldn't be buying them for that kind...
You haven't had a great cable unless its radioactive to the touch (i.e., burn)*. That is when you know your sound is directly equal to sonic bliss and the quite present sapphire aura surrounding your head as you're listening.   Nothing can come close to it, not even the legendary Orpheus.         *Of course my life expectancy is quite degraded, but who cares when you have this level of sonic bliss.
Xiabere, unfortunately I am looking at cash only but thanks for the offer.
^That's the truth.
KG isn't a real person, and you guys should know better for spreading misinformation... KG is indeed the alter ego persona of Justin.
The issues you had with the Lambdas sound like the Mylar diaphragm was faulty and that is definitely not solvable. Yamas would only charge you an arm and a leg to replace them drivers.
It is worth mentioning the recent SR-009s imbalance debacles (imbalances that were solved simply by shipping on an airplane) and parasitic charge. In the case of parasitic charges, a few weeks/days of not using the headphone will solve imbalance once charge is gone. Humidity is also another factor that could damage drivers, however putting the phones in ziploc bag for a number of weeks could correct the problem. Spending $1000 on a headphone that has confirmed channel...
Once there is imbalance, it can only get worse..
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