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SPL Phonitor + LCD-X is a great combination.
K701 and DT880 neutral? Plllllease
Wait wut? The K1000 drivers where designed specifically to output significant volume with the capability of being juiced up by a speaker amp (just take a look at the shape of the driver and the thickness of the membrane). The K812 on the other hand aren't and I predict the sound would be mediocre or you will blow your newly placed drivers because of the high volume necessary that the completely open K1000 design demands... Anyhow if you do get this accomplished, keep us in...
I see. Well if you do gain the confidence to do it yourself, the manual (which can be found online as a pdf) presents a nice visual diagram to replacing components in the K1K. You will also need a solder therefore this can be a risky situation as you could potentially ruin the mylar diaphragm if solder is placed too long. Not sure if anyone is around to do such a job, are you situated in EU or US?
Getting just one driver instead of a pair of matched drivers will lead to a few problems as each pair of drivers has different parameters that constitute their partnership..
Take a look at the Burson HA160, I think it is an awesome pairing.
The treatments are, in other words, BS. I know from Spritzer that these Lambdas are better sounding than the 404s. However, them reaching the level of SR009 or SR007 is absurd because of the limitations of the Lambda design (driver and housing). Perhaps the cryo treatment gives that added edge?
If it's cryo treated of course it's real
All you need is the simple procedure of a head transplant to solve the comfort issues and the sound is magnificent.
Extra mayo also causes hardening of the arteries.
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