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Sub sub, we need more electrostatic amps.
My 4 years in college actually taught me a lot about my body's circadian rhythm. I noticed that the best up-time is anywhere from 12-16 hours, but I always push my sleep ahead 1 hour, so each week I would be waking up an hour later in the morning, then afternoon, and finally evening. That certainly didn't help with my morning classes though!
I definitely know where you're coming from, in my earlier setups (HA-160D, Lyr, ancient E9/E7), I always had a noisy background but when I got the Phonitor that stopped. I absolutely hate hissing noises instead of black background, it would always drive me crazy. I also upgraded my DAC and that helped a lot in creating hiss-free signals to my amplifiers (both RCA and XLR outs balanced are available with my Mytek). I agree with the subtle crossfeed implementation comment,...
You had to have a problem somewhere in your rig because it is completely non-existent for me and I tried the Phonitor with many, many low impedance cans. Anyhow, for me the pairing of HA-160 and TH900 is sweet music to my ears however, I do miss the crossfeed and functionality of the Phonitor.
  The people that had noise issues with the Phonitor/Auditor had ground loop problems. I never, ever, experienced any noisy signals even with the Denon D7000 or TH900 25 ohm impedance.
Remember that their comparisons are based on their own personal preferences. Personally, with the Mytek 192, my DAC journey has ended.
  Time for a good crossfeed, Asr (Phonitor)! However, I for one enjoy the imaging and soundstage of the TH900s, especially useful for audio mixing. In that regard, I find them even better than HD800s, but the separation/air is larger or better in the HD800s, and that's not surprising since they are open-back.   LCD-2 for $895. Burson HA-160 for $719.
Here is a link to a hifi forum hailing from Hong Kong, they have a few posts comparing the Anedio and Mytek:
The SA5000 definitely does not have any rumbling sub-bass, but from my analysis there is really little quantity of sub-bass, but a lot of mid-bass (200 hz>).
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