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New HD800 owners serial number approaching the number.
I think this is an important event as it demonstrates how audiophile headphones have indeed become "mainstream". 10 years ago, no flagship would be selling in these numbers and at $1.5k per unit but Sennheiser has accomplished just that with ~5000 sales per year (2009-2012). The internet definitely helped in marketing (it is how I started my journey into head-fi), and globalized this corner of the audio market.   Congratulations Sennheiser.. now please release a 'stat!
+1. From experience, this modification to the stock HD800 cable really tamed the sparkly treble and extended the bass so low, my whole head would quake. Cable modifications FTW
I am also left wondering how this issue wasn't detected in quality control?
:/ That really sucks Daniel!
Both of my sides can touch it with a push, I am not sure if this is inherent from the design to allow forward/backward motion.
And I believe this is what Audiowood is talking about, in this picture we see that the semi circle cup holder is not in touch with the flat base of the headband so we assume the screw is not loose:
+1, +Rep to you Audiowood, excellent post.
They don't come with an amp (and my wallet knows it).
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