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If it's cryo treated of course it's real
All you need is the simple procedure of a head transplant to solve the comfort issues and the sound is magnificent.
Extra mayo also causes hardening of the arteries.
Ah, I think I know now what he was talking about since he's a geordie.
I think that should be the primary reason why you shouldn't. Water + LCD-XC is not a good formula.
 All Audeze have this problem except for LCD-X.
Going from the TH900 to the LCD-3, it sounds like AM radio/mono switched on.
You are right. The SR-009 sounded good from a $100 adapter hooked up to my Alesis RA150 ($150) power amp. However, this is a niche market for audiophiles, so such astronomical price-to-performance ratio are to be expected in the case of LL and WES.. Of the aforementioned amps, the 727 is definitely best bang for the buck. I never had any problems with the 727 + 009 but with the 007 it felt underwhelming because it is quite noticeable the ear speakers need another level of...
Seemingly not good advice, time to ask other members for advice  The 727 + 009 combo is a lot better than 009 + LL or 009 + WES (and for a lot less money).
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