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You guys are really tempting me to withdraw my for sale classified and open the box to try these babies out
I did. And yes technically they shouldn't be a good match, but after listening to the pairing its clear it is awesome. With the LCD-3, the Phonitor brings out the negatives therefore I use the HA160 for the 3. Also wanted to mention that Burson HA160 and the LCD-X isn't an optimal pairing (mids get recessed and treble gains harshness).
 It has that magical mid-range quality that other cans do not have. IMO, a steal when compared to more pricey headphones, including the current Stax lineup.
LCD-3 would benefit from some "treble harshness" (even though I don't experience it with this DAC).
Nope, X has the bigger sound stage most def.
They both reach pretty low to be honest but I feel my LCD-3 has the tighter bass with shorter decay. The TH900 has the dynamic driver quality "sub-bass rumble" reminscent of a woofer which can be quite enjoyable for electronic music, hip hop, rnb, and so on. In the current top flight cans, the Audeze and Fostex are kings for bass-heads.
TH900 is a lot different from the LCD-2 in the upper frequency range, it is brighter and detail extraction is an improvement. Mid are more seductive with the LCD-2s and sound stage is a lot more closed in. The only similarities are in the bass but the TH900 having more impact or "rumble" as they call it and the bass has a different texture. Both cans are great for bass-heads.
So what differences do you hear between the TH900 and XC? I assume (since I own LCD-X) the sound stage is wider on the TH900s.
How will this statement prevent the TH900 fans from chewing your head-off ?
SPL Phonitor + LCD-X is a great combination.
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