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*Cough* *cough* The wife.
Exciting sounding setup! You are obliged to write a review now
   However,I still need the $$
Storage is not a problem with 'stats. There will be a problem if the cans weren't packed well and humidity is rampant at the location.
Wow guys, you're really really tempting me to open the unopened 846 I've got for sale!!
Under the ear?
Don't forget about the occasional hurricane.
I am selling one of my favorite Stax cans, the Gamma Pro. They are fantastic and have a very balanced sound. The bass is definitely not lacking with these when powered efficiently. It is a favorite 'stat and it really hurts to see it go but hopefully someone will love these more than I did.   The ear pad foam has disintegrated but the yellow foam around the back is in good condition and shows no sign of disintegration. There are no problems with the sound, no imbalance...
Who ever said that a bass-head headphone needs to be boomy? I believe that definition may apply to the ubiquitous Sony bass-head Extra bass series and Dre beats.   However, There are bass heads that want quality, sub-lime bass, and the LCD-2 and 3 offer exactly that. If you take a closer look at Audeze's founders tastes and who endorses the products (take a look at the Audeze website), then you will come out with a clear picture that they were designed to be appealing to...
It is definitely not a new phenomenon that Elvis experiences the "AM Radio" sound (as some of us call it) when moving from the TH-900 or other bright sounding phones. I have posted about this many times in the TH900 and LCD-X/3 threads.   When you're going from the TH900 to either the LCD-3, LCD-2 or by a smaller margin, the LCD-X, you will definitely hear a huge difference in sound signatures. I believe in cases such as these your brain burn in process is pertinent in...
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