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Unfortunately selling my 007 mkI :(. This pair is in great condition and it includes the original flight case and original cardboard box. Both the flight case and original cardboard box look great.   Serial number is SZ1-11xx.   Price : $1999, includes shipping but not PP fees.   Shipping only to CONUSA.       Thanks, Duke
The 'stat treble and mid-range is indeed unmatched.
The warmest/darkest sounding lambda in my opinion is the Lambda Nova Signature. It sounds very similar to the 007 but lacks the bass response of its bigger brother. My favorite Lambdas are definitely the Lambda Normal Bias and Lambda Signature from the 80s.
*Cough* *cough* The wife.
Exciting sounding setup! You are obliged to write a review now
   However,I still need the $$
Storage is not a problem with 'stats. There will be a problem if the cans weren't packed well and humidity is rampant at the location.
Wow guys, you're really really tempting me to open the unopened 846 I've got for sale!!
Under the ear?
Don't forget about the occasional hurricane.
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