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Mint condition Burson HA-160. First owner, bought from an authorized dealer in the US. This amp works fantastically with Denon D7000, Fostex TH900, and is the dynamic king of SS amps that I have personally tried.   Price: $(shipping and PP fee included)
I am putting up my mint condition Phonitor (black color). I am the first owner, bought it from an authorized dealer. It will come with the original box + manuals. The amp is an amazing match for Sennheiser HD800 and Beyer T1.   Price: $1200 (shipping included and PayPal fee included).     Duke.
Pics added.
I am putting up my TH900 for sale. It has been very rarely used at all and has been stored mostly in its box. Cosmetically it is excellent, no scratches on the ear cups however there is a tiny (less than 0.1mm) chip on one of the ear cup holders, and this is how I received it straight from the Fostex factory.. Please check the pictures.   I approximate my total usage at about 10 hours. I am the first owner.   Included: -Original Fostex box -Original...
The 727 amp is a lot better when combining with the 009 because it tames the treble quite nicely. The BHSE does indeed allow for greater control of the drivers but it also enhances the treble of the 009 to the point of harshness which will lead to ear fatigue.
A great man to deal with. I met with Mike a few months ago and we had an extremely pleasant transaction, highly recommended. I am sure someone will really enjoy this mint pair 007!    Good luck with the sale Mike.
Added pics, serial number and condition on the accessories.
Unfortunately selling my 007 mkI :(. This pair is in great condition and it includes the original flight case and original cardboard box. Both the flight case and original cardboard box look great.   Serial number is SZ1-11xx.   Price : $1999, includes shipping but not PP fees.   Shipping only to CONUSA.       Thanks, Duke
The 'stat treble and mid-range is indeed unmatched.
The warmest/darkest sounding lambda in my opinion is the Lambda Nova Signature. It sounds very similar to the 007 but lacks the bass response of its bigger brother. My favorite Lambdas are definitely the Lambda Normal Bias and Lambda Signature from the 80s.
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