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LCD3C definitely does not have "muddy" bass. It may be your perceived hearing of the sub-bass that makes your believe it is muddy, but it is actually the opposite.
If the bass is changed in any quantity or quality with the Fazored 3, then there is no way I would change my classic. As it stands, it has the best bass from all the headphones I've tried, and I've tried them all: MDR-R10, SR009, SR007, Qualia, LCD-X, etc, etc, etc.
I own both LCD-X and LCD-3C, there is absolutely no way there is more bass with the LCD-X. There is more impact with the 3s and they have a lot more quality sub-bass which is very important with headphones of this caliber. LCD-X has a diminished sub-bass presence but a lot of mid-bass emphasis, which may be great for some but definitely not for me and my taste in music (electronica, etc).
LCD-3 I believe has more neodymium magnets.
Lambda Signature and Lambda Normal are amazing with orchestral music, IMO, FWIW, YMMV, OFC.
The HE-6 properly amped is right up there with the HD800 in detail retrieval. I believe you may be referring to the separation due to the enormous sound stage of the HD800 presentation, that gives an illusion that it is supremely capable at detail retrieval but to me that sounds quite artificial.
I am currently running my HE-6 off a new amp in the house, the vintage NAD 2400 power amp. The first thing that is recognizable is the expanded sound stage, I did not think the HE-6 had it in them to be this wide! The bass has also a lot more energy than with my previous amp, Alesis RA150.
Never mentioned LCD-3 being bass heavy but I said it has the perfect bass from a headphone, and I've tried sooo many. @mlxx, good point I'm satisfied with my classic LCD-3 but I wish they worked on making their headphones more comfortable ;).
As a bass head, LCD-x is bass light. I do not enjoy my electronic, or other bass-heavy genres with it especially when I have the LCD-3 within hands reach.
I own the LCD-3 classic and the LCD-X. Like many of you, I was excited with the the buzzword "Fazor technology". I prefer the LCD-3 to the LCD-X, and the HE-6 to the LCD-x. There is no chance I'll be upgrading the the LCD-3 to the Fazor because I do not want to touch that marvellous bass. Loose bass is something Audeze was not known for, but with this upgrade they are. LCD-X in my opinion is a completely different sounding headphone than the classic LCD-3 and LCD-2, a lot...
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