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I own the LCD-3 classic and the LCD-X. Like many of you, I was excited with the the buzzword "Fazor technology". I prefer the LCD-3 to the LCD-X, and the HE-6 to the LCD-x. There is no chance I'll be upgrading the the LCD-3 to the Fazor because I do not want to touch that marvellous bass. Loose bass is something Audeze was not known for, but with this upgrade they are. LCD-X in my opinion is a completely different sounding headphone than the classic LCD-3 and LCD-2, a lot...
Unfortunately because I am moving to another location, I have to sell my setup. The unit is in great condition and I admire the sound greatly coming out of this DAC. This is the black pre-amp version. Included is the USB cable and the original box/manual from Mytek.   Price: $1250 (includes shipping and PP fees)
009 + Car = does not compute. Unless of course you're Bill Gates.
Hmm then I guess I am not interested, I do not want to touch the bass on my LCD-3 as it is just perfect!
No you're not. Don't take the price of a headphone as a benchmark to sound quality. Your personal sound quality is what matters the most. I personally was not a fan of SR-009s bass and presentation so I sold it, I much prefer the lower end Stax phones in comparison.
I was thinking of powering my HE-6 with my speaker amplifier which is a Crown NXLS1500. It outputs 300 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 525 watts per channel at 4 ohms, 1550 watts per channel at 4 ohms bridged. Is this overkill? Or should I just put the volume knob at a very low level?
I have a question to the folks that upgraded their LCD-3 to the Fazor tech:   Does the bass quality remain the same? The impact and the sub-bass are the same quantity or have they changed?
LCD-3 is the king of bass, there is no disputing that fact after you listen to bass-heavy genres. Shure SE846 has the best bass of all the IEMs I've tried, but some of the sub-bass may seem a little bit uncontrolled. And I have to agree, the TH900 / D7000 are the king of bass in the dynamic realm but of all headphones, LCD-3 has the best sublime bass out there (and I've tried them all on this quest to get the best bass).   Otherwise, Audiowood is right on the money about...
Mint condition Burson HA-160. First owner, bought from an authorized dealer in the US.   Price: $500 (shipping and PP fee included)
I am putting up my mint condition Phonitor (black color). I am the first owner, bought it from an authorized dealer. It will come with the original box + manuals. The amp is an amazing match for Sennheiser HD800 and Beyer T1.   Price: $1450 (shipping included and PayPal fee included).     Duke.
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