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I will contribute to the LCD3 Classic vs Fazor differences.   I have heard both and my all time favorite headphone is the LCD-3C. Why? Due to the incredibly sublime sub-bass. No other headphone can reproduce it the way the LCD-3 Classic drivers do. I was pretty disappointed when I heard the Fazor drivers as the first thing I heard was a reduction in volume of the sub-bass and its corresponding impact. This comes with the territory though, a trade-off because of Fazor's...
Sale pending.
Disgusting act. For better or for worse, the truth usually surfaces and these thieves will be apprehended in due time.
When did we last see a 4070 on sale?
Sorry, no trades. Thanks for looking though.
I would say X has more in the 250-1khz range whilst the older LCD-3C, has a lot to offer from the sub-bass range (25hz) to the creamy mid-range. The fazors remove a lot of the quality sub-bass and a tiny bit of the mid-range that I personally love the classics for.
Added pics
I'm putting up my beautiful Senn HD800 for sale. I am moving towards a fully electrostatic speaker rig, and most of my inventory has to go to fund that. Please note last pic, where a discoloration is located, however it is nothing that stands out. No chips or scratches.   It is in great condition, will come with the following: -Original Sennheiser HD800 cardboard and storage box -Frequency chart that was received from Sennheiser -19xxx serial number     It was...
For sale is a vintage great condition Stax SR-Lambda Signature with the original box. The ear pad mesh has disintegrated but the outer mesh is intact (important).   Includes: -Original SR-Signature box     Price: $500 (includes shipping and PP fees). Only CONUSA.     Thank you for looking, Duke
I am selling the LCD-X in the gun metal version. I have bought it a few months ago but only used it for less than 2 hours as I prefer the LCD-3c.   It is in absolute mint condition, it was stored in the pelican.   It will be shipped in the original Audeze pelican box, and the same cardboard as I have received from Audeze.   Price: $0, this includes shipping and PayPal fees.     Thank you for looking, Duke
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