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When did we last see a 4070 on sale?
Sorry, no trades. Thanks for looking though.
I would say X has more in the 250-1khz range whilst the older LCD-3C, has a lot to offer from the sub-bass range (25hz) to the creamy mid-range. The fazors remove a lot of the quality sub-bass and a tiny bit of the mid-range that I personally love the classics for.
Added pics
I'm putting up my beautiful Senn HD800 for sale. I am moving towards a fully electrostatic speaker rig, and most of my inventory has to go to fund that. Please note last pic, where a discoloration is located, however it is nothing that stands out. No chips or scratches.   It is in great condition, will come with the following: -Original Sennheiser HD800 cardboard and storage box -Frequency chart that was received from Sennheiser -19xxx serial number     It was...
For sale is a vintage great condition Stax SR-Lambda Signature with the original box. The ear pad mesh has disintegrated but the outer mesh is intact (important).   Includes: -Original SR-Signature box     Price: $500 (includes shipping and PP fees). Only CONUSA.     Thank you for looking, Duke
I am selling the LCD-X in the gun metal version. I have bought it a few months ago but only used it for less than 2 hours as I prefer the LCD-3c.   It is in absolute mint condition, it was stored in the pelican.   It will be shipped in the original Audeze pelican box, and the same cardboard as I have received from Audeze.   Price: $0, this includes shipping and PayPal fees.     Thank you for looking, Duke
Reopened listing as I was out of country, but I'm back now.   Other for sale: Burson Ha160 SPL Phonitor
LCD-3C has more bass slam but more recessed treble when compared to 3F. I prefer 3C because of this.
I do audio engineering for a living, if the LCD-3c had muddy bass it would have been sold a very long time ago. You may be using the wrong term here perhaps because of the quantity of the bass.
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