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another vote for the etys. I prefer my triple.fi overall but for mids the er-4 is still king imo, even above the se530.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hentai11 @TopPop: Ignore the tracking information from the USPS. It's useless. When I ordered the RE0, the tracking posted after the phones arrived. Whether you like RE0s depends a lot on what you like headphones *for*. If you like punchy, deep bass, you won't like these. If you're looking for rich, wet vocals, you won't like these. The bass exists, especially if you amp them, but it won't startle you. Clear, dry,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taurui Is it just me, or does noone who ordered them for $79 seem to like them? Did they change the construction? I think it is a little weird that possibly one of the best sounding IEMs gets so little appreciation here ... I hope that I won't be disappointed when they arrive, coming from Shure E4 :/ -taurui I ordered mine this past Friday and received it yesterday, so really fast shipping hopefully those ppl that got...
Bought a cambridge audio 540r v2 from Danus, it was exactly as described (like new) and he shipped immediately, would not hesitate to deal with him again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Large4mat Buyer Beware!!!!!!! I hate leaving negative feedback, but I've decided I need to try to protect other head-fi members. I purchased a Ray Samuels XP-7 from Sun-Ho Lee aka kg21. It had a “perfect” faceplate when it left his house. Somewhere, on the way to my house, it received a nasty ding in the lower left hand corner of the faceplate from those savage postal carriers. Then, the USPS managed to put an elf...
SELLER BEWARE This is my first time having such a negative experience with any buyer on head-fi, and even more surprising considering all his positive feedback. I sold him a RSA XP-7 which I shipped in the same condition I got from Nikongod, when a corner was damaged pretty badly he demanded a refund right away. When I told him it was not like that when I shipped it and it was damaged during shipping (I've had a ton of transactions with no such issue) he kept demanding...
hangover-7.5/10 The basic premise seemed like a recipe for disaster but it was surprisingly clever and funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by kugino is there a way to ignore the quotes from those on one's ignore list? (not beagle, the one whom beagle was quoting...) wish there was lol
back from the dead, now 210 shipped!
man i've had les garten on my ignore list since a little after this thread was started, this thread must be very very different for some of you.
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