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I am actually looking for Xperia zl or xperia zr .I heard they share  same specs with xperia z Does anyone know if it's true ? I have HD 518 Is it really that good to handle HD 600? If yes then I shouldn't have any problems with my headphones. Also ,Is this the best phone i can buy in this price for audio? Please suggest me...
i wrote something else ,but i saw u've already bought AT,,so i've  2 edit this post as there is no option to delete it enjoy your HPs with Flo.  
i have lots of problem with winamp,even though i love it , just for the replay gain feature It does not detect new media ,even i've selected it in local media settings. don'r know if its due ti windows 8.
done ordered seagate
sorry i forgot its 1 tb only
god i never thought i have to come here for non headphone help but i love this forum, so please help me and help me quick and soon,, i rely on ur opinion,' i'm that kind of person who researches too much ,,, as with my headphones,even with entry level headphones. so i need your help with those two portable HDDs nothing else please state why one over other. i desperately need this more than a pu**y.
nice to see coz I have the 518
same here ,i have the hd 518,,and the sound you mentioned comes from the left side i when i move my head,but when the whole pad touches your skin specially the padding towards the headband slider then the cracking sound goes away. So i have 2 adjust the headband tilting a bit forward,still i feel bad because its was my first good HP.   Bit late,still at least i'm not the only one.
i have not heard them but I would look for reviews here and outside headfi don't go by sennheiser labeling that's BS. some reviews say 449 is too weak in bass
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