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I have mint condition hd 700 for a sale. I used about 100 hours on them. It will be 450 usd or 500 cad + shipping. I will uploade picture later today. Thanks
hi my name is ki, and I am an architecture student in ryerson
hi i am selling my beloved stax 80 pro set up.   There is minor scratches on adapter and headphone but its in great condition.   The price is include with shipping for canada, and for state please add 30 dollars (flat shipping price).   i will try to add pictures later tonight.......   if you have any question, leave the comments or send me a private message.   Note. The headphone and adapters are already packed, so as soon as get the payment, i...
i am selling my brand new sony sa 3000. The shipping price is included in canada for state please add 20 dollar extra for shipping.   i will add picture later tonight
wrong forum, move it to portable headphone, earphone forum, you will get the more help from there
I try my Denon with bravo audio v2 tube amp, and it sounds marvelous.
hi i am looking for sennheiser hd 600 earcushion. If you have extra lying around your house, you should consider to sell it to me!
wow, what a work!
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