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I'm sure you're right, I was going to make my own from one of the supplied cables.
I'll see how they play straight from the box first, but I'll certainly consider balancing.
Still waiting for a UK release date. End of April is the last I heard.
I find it works very well with my LCD2 and Alpha Dogs, the sound is great and there's plenty of power for something so portable. I used to take it whenever I went away for more than a night.    I don't use it so much now I have an AK Titan and Glove Audio A1 which is almost like a mini M8 but just for the AK 100/120.
Shame. I'm expecting mine shortly, managed to get them at the AMP3 offer price above thanks to taffy2207. I might see if I can rewire one of the cables if it comes with two...
Apologies if I missed the post, but have you managed to use them with a balanced cable?
couldn't resist, damn you deals thread!
I have also used Shure 846 with bright filter and would say that filter is the closest match to the sig pro to my ears
If you want closed, easy to drive, robust and faily compact then I reckon they're very good for that price, What are you also looking at? What do you listen to?
  I think my huawei is one of the nicest of the current smartwatches
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