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The only two "summer" issues I have with the excellent DX100 arethat the screen is not that bright and can be difficult to read in direct sunlight and  the device gets very warmin winter the warmth is a bonus....
 you have stepped into another world
 When working with Shure MMCX connectors the +ve connector is the pin (signal) and the -ve connector is the shell (ground).
what a relief on a minor tangent, a friend of mine has a hearing assistance dog that once swallowed one of her hearing aids, so you got off lightly!
When I added a CEntrace GloveAudio A1 to my AK120 Titan I would say that the amplification added most to the sound quality and the balanced output added most to the sound stage and detail.
on the sound front, going from upgraded cable to balanced made a much bigger difference than going from stock to upgraded cable to my ears.overall I'm very pleased with the new cables.
Plussound offer a great service, they respond quickly to questions and help with any uncertainties. They also gave me a price for recabling from single to balanced on existing cables (including if I messed up when I did it myself - which fortunately I didn't).
I only had one bit of foam in each filter
I think a lot will depend on amplification. I noticed a significant difference going to a balanced set up. I got some plus sound silver litz and the improvement was marginal to my ears until I changed the plug to go balanced and then the difference was much greater.
 It took me a couple of minutes to unmod, the most important thing is to not lose the two tiny bits of foam
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