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couldn't resist, damn you deals thread!
I have also used Shure 846 with bright filter and would say that filter is the closest match to the sig pro to my ears
If you want closed, easy to drive, robust and faily compact then I reckon they're very good for that price, What are you also looking at? What do you listen to?
  I think my huawei is one of the nicest of the current smartwatches
Following on from customNuts, I wanted to use the balanced output from my Centrance A1 Glove and AK120 titan. The balanced output has more power and much better soundstage and definition than the standard output. I've been using the stock cable and I also sometimes use the sig pros with my home kit and sometimes with a phone or laptop.Like others here I like single sided cable and wanted to keep that if possible. So the spec became: balanced  removable cable single...
I love the handpresso Nick N referred to, I use mine with the ese pods because it makes travelling easier and no tamping issues.   I also have a minipresso which is even more compact, but not quite as good (only half the pressure and ground coffee only, no pod option...)       both are remarkable kit though...
I have a similar issue, but only with high resolution files. I find skipping tracks forward and backward stops it. No idea whether it's glove or titan.
The only two "summer" issues I have with the excellent DX100 arethat the screen is not that bright and can be difficult to read in direct sunlight and  the device gets very warmin winter the warmth is a bonus....
 you have stepped into another world
 When working with Shure MMCX connectors the +ve connector is the pin (signal) and the -ve connector is the shell (ground).
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